Magnum Classic Davika Hoorne

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Magnum Classic Commercial
Featuring Davika Hoorne.
Director Juan Delcan
Agency: Arcade Singapour
Creative Director: Andrew Reznik
Production Company: Lime Production Bangkok
Director Of Photography: Nal Nal
Editor: Tammy Quah


Ira Watie says:


alice sieu says:

I always prefer Davika, she has a lot of charm, and also the most beautiful Thai actress, also very lovely brand ambassador, millions of loves for you my Pretty girl 💖

alice sieu says:

ស្អាតមែនទែន កញ្ញាម្នាក់នេះ មុខមានមន្តស្នេហ៍ គួរឲ្យស្រលាញ់ចាប់ចិត្តណាស់ និងមានទេពកោសល្យសម្ដែងទៀត ❤👍👌

Vita jakLh says:

🤔 now i remember, that's why she's look so familiar,

Muchlis Sudirman says:

And finally i know her name is davika.
Davika so beatifull woman.

Anti Subscribe says:

di thailand punya mai davika di indonesia punya tajina savira

Joseph Buban says:

What is the name of the song played in this ad ?

Amirah .H says:

Im from indonesia and she is so pretty! I love see davika and baifern together

정재연 says:

♡%♡☆☆☆☆love davika

Lim Sy says:

Omy! I thought she's not 😂 Nak(?) of Pee mak?😘 Am I right?

สบาย สบาย says:


Azizan Mars C.A. says:

what a beauty

Sraavya says:

She's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.

C. Syde65 says:

Is that Davika's actual voice? I just wondered because from what little I've heard of her voice, I haven't heard her speak English.

S. Priss says:

Magnum classic for classic Mai Davika!!

Hunter says:

what's the title of the france ish song?

Whatever Email says:

Been looking around, and trying to know her name now I know what a beauty.

Jessilyn Labanon says:

oh I know it's u,i saw ur Magnum commercial here in the Philippines ur sooo beautiful lady..

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