Vegetable Tomato Pasta – Smoked Paprika – Vegan recipes – Vegetarian Recipes

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Vegetable Tomato Pasta – Smoked Paprika – Vegan recipes – Vegetarian Recipes

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cristino hipe says:

Definitely GREAT' pasta preparation..thank you once again for sharing.

henry michal says:

Nothing hard about this one. I often throw together some kitchen staples for a quick pasta dish. Olives definitely add some salty flavour. If the vegans can't have grated cheese, a nice addition is some toasted , crunchy bread crumbs on top.

earlbee31 says:

Oh yeah I’ll add olives to mine

earlbee31 says:

I’ll definitely be trying this one out
It looks absolutely delicious

Craig Lee White says:

Hi, does anyone know the Model of Cooker SweetBalls uses to cook his meals in in his vids?

JayT LaMunch says:

I love pasta meals, this would be even better with some leftover meat in, looks delicious and Thank you, for sharing 🙂

NatureGirl215, LLC says:

Thank you for all of the vegan recipes.

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