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I’m sharing 6 vegetarian dinner ideas with you in today’s video. It’s always good to have meatless meal options for your menu rotation, whether you are vegetarian / vegan, or not. I hope this video gives you some great meal inspiration for your menu planning.

Today’s video is a collaboration with my dear friend, Robin from  @Faith and Flour  You can check out Robin’s video here ➡️ https://youtu.be/KRgLneGs_LM

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⚜️ Time Stamps
0:00 Introduction
1:53 Vegetarian Tostadas
3:43 Veggie Burgers
5:45 Sweet Potato Nacho Fries
8:02 Thai Peanut Noodle Salad
9:32 Caribbean Black Beans & Tropical Fruit Salsa
11:38 Bruschetta

⚜️ Visit my corresponding blogpost for all of the printable recipes https://dailyconnoisseur.blogspot.com/2021/04/6-vegetarian-dinner-ideas-meatless.html

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duaneyoutbe says:

So what vegetable does that cheese come from?

I guess this meal isn’t vegetarian after all.

There is term for those who are confused.

Lacto-Ovu laden food.

Vegetarians don’t eat cells from anything other than from plants.

If you think they do,
if they think they are a vegetarian while consuming the cells from other non plant beings,

then you are both confused.

Btw, lacto-ovu vegetarians are fooling themselves.
They aren’t vegetarians after all.

Vegans eat the same as vegetarians,

the exception is,
( the difference between
vegetarians & vegans )
don’t USE animals

you know,
like leather hats, shoes, belts, footballs, etc., etc..

Cause leather is not used as food.

Awkward GenXer says:

Bravo for incorporating the whole grains!

richard plotzker says:

Two weeks into Omer, five weeks to shavuot when vegetarian is traditional

Paula Johnson says:

I was surprised to find out how appealing these recipes sound and look. I plan to try some of them. You know a meal is quite healthy when one has to do so much chopping! Thank you for sharing. I did not watch this on April 1st, because it was my birthday and we traveled to the coast, but you did make it sound real regarding the collaboration; I may have fallen for it!

Asian Angel M. says:

I've been a vegetarian for almost 16 years now. These meals look delish.

Mary Peters says:

Another vegan here :). Yum, these look great!

Jean Byrne says:

Wonderful recipes thank you! Storing these for later! X

Daniella says:

Yum! My (italian) mother in law also adds oregano and green onions, as well as finely(!) chopped celery to her bruschetta, and it gives it a much more "fresh" flavour to balance all the tomatoes.

Deborah Vianello says:

Dear Jennifer, I can confirm your pronounciation with The k sound in the word “bruschetta” is correct. Otherwise….every Italian will laugh a lot 😊 happy week from Northern Italy🌿

sara bruno says:

The way you pronounce bruschetta is the correct way 👏(i am italian🤌)

liane abeyta says:

I do my bruschetta the same except I put a little ricotta on the bread before I add the topping …. yummmm

Lee Cobb says:

"Brusketta," if you want to sound Italian🤓

Inspired by Nikki says:

Doing well Jennifer! Great ideas!

mrsroseblack says:

Thank you so much for this video! Some of these look amazing and I will try them. As a picky vegetarian of many years I always struggle. I make my family fantastic meals and I eat mediocre or the same things over and over. 🖤

Beth Cleary says:

I am not vegetarian but these recipes are really worth trying. I have been doing some cooking videos on my YouTube channel too🥰❤️.

Daisy Flores says:

Robin sent me, and I saved this recipes as well. Loved it .

Hey it's Deb says:

We made your burger tonight and it was amazing! Yum 😋

Kelley Amador says:

Yes, you said it correctly! These meals look lovely and so fresh and healthy, great job👍😍

Natalia Egorova says:

I’ve just cooked Caribbean black beans dish (replaces black beans with kidney beans), so delicious! Thank you 😊

C S says:

Love these ideas! Trying to eat less meat and fish for environmental reasons so these were much appreciated😃

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