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Finally, here we have one of the most asked recipe on our channel. This is a perfect substitute to a McDonald’s or KFC burger made with easily available ingredients. Give this recipe a try and Enjoy!!



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Delish Treatz says:

I tried this 1 week back, it came out very well!!!😊😊😊😊 I'm going to make it again today!


Nope I didn't skip it

Queen of Lazies says:

i recommend her channel alot.

Nikita Gupta says:

I love you mam 💯💯💯

aezaz patel says:

Yummy 🤗😋😋

Manisha Kamathi says:

I am your new subscriber

Sumitra says:

In d place of that foil shaper,we can also use cookie cutter…m I right,?

Janhavi Patil says:

Looks delicious …. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us ❤

Vaishnavi Jadhav says:

I am really telling you , We are making this now just now we our making and I am dam sure that it is awesome 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
I will share you this😍😍
Thanks A Lot For the recipe😘
I loved it a lot ❤️

Srinidhi Kannan says:

Thank u so much for such an easy recipe.. definitely I'll try it out!!!!

Vastav 17 says:

I can skip the whole recipe.
Im here to admire the process.

Sadhana's Dreamland and Crafts says:

Omg it looks much much much better then mcdonalds burger🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

Arya Surana says:

Hey, I m a beginner. Can u tell me aprox how much salt in burger patty. I don't understand As per taste as of yet😅

Shradha Nayee says:

Lovely but I would skip the cheese. 👌

Bindu Prathap says:

It tastes amazing

Bindu Prathap says:

I have made it today it came excellently superb👌👌👍and I'm now 6th standard

Nisha Sharma says:

Absolutely awesome recipe!!!💕😍
Can we use bread crumbs instead of cornflakes?

yashika Bandi says:

Mam which mayo you use please tell the brand

Himanshi Agarwal says:

Can we use corn flour instead of corn flakes?

Reneesha Kadambi says:

you took the intro made by wattles

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