Cheesy Nachos | आसान नाचोज़ बनाने की रेसिपी | Loaded Nachos | Nachos with Salsa | Chef Ranveer Brar

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NACHOS WITH SALSA – नाचोस और टोमैटो सालसा
A recipe I received a lot of request for.. How to make Nachos at home. So here you go… let’s make crispy Nachos at home. Bonus recipe for Pico de Gallo or the salsa + Nachos ki kahaani.. Ready?
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Preparation time 20 minutes
Cooking time 20-25 minutes
Serving 4

For Nachos Dough
½ cup Maize flour, roasted , मकई का आटा
¼ cup Refined flour , मैदा
½ cup Whole wheat flour , गेहूं का आटा
Salt to taste , नमक स्वादानुसार
1 tbsp Ginger-Garlic water , अदरक लहसुन का पानी
1 tsp Vinegar , सिरका
Water , पानी

For Pickled Chillies
¼ cup Vinegar , सिरका
3-4 Fresh Green or Red chillies, chopped , ताजी हरि या लाल मिर्च
A pinch Salt , नमक

For Pico de Gallo / Fresh Salsa
2 medium Tomatoes, chopped , टमाटर
1 medium Onion, chopped , प्याज
2 heaped tbsp Tomato ketchup , टाॅमेटो केचप
2 fresh Green chillies, chopped , हरी मिर्च
2 tbsp Coriander leaves, chopped, धनिया पत्ता
Salt to taste , नमक स्वादानुसार
½ small Lemon juice , नींबू का रस
¼ cup Corn kernels, boiled , भुट्टे के दाने

For Cajun Spice or Nacho Spice
1 heaped tbsp Cumin seeds , जीरा
1 heaped tbsp Coriander leaves , धनिया के बीज
1 tsp Salt , नमक
1 heaped tbsp Degi red chilli powder , देगी लाल मिर्च पाउडर
½ tsp Dried Mango powder , आमचूर पाउडर
1 tsp dried Oregano , सूखा हुआ ओरिगैनो

For Cheese Sauce
2 tbsp Butter , मक्खन
½ tsp Turmeric powder , हल्दी पाउडर
300 ml Milk , दूध
½ cup Cheese , चीज
2 tbsp Corn-starch slurry , कॉर्न स्टार्च का लिजाम
1 ½ tsp Chilli Oil (optional) , चीली ऑयल

Other Ingredients
Oil for frying , तेल तलने के लिए
2 tsp Nacho spice , नाचो स्पाइस
2 tbsp Mayonnaise , मायोनिज
Fresh Coriander leaves , धनिया पत्ता

For Nachos Dough
In a bowl add maize flour, refined flour, whole wheat flour, salt, ginger-garlic water, vinegar, water and knead a semi soft dough, keep aside for 10-15 minutes.
Now take a medium portion of the dough and roll it thin using a rolling pin.
The half cook it on a hot flat pan from both sides and then cut in strips and then in triangle shape.
Heat oil for deep frying and then fry these triangles in medium hot oil until golden brown and crispy.
Remove on an absorbent paper, then add the Nacho spice and mix it properly, then keep aside for further use.

For Pickled Chillies
In a bowl add chopped green or red chillies salt, vinegar mix it and keep aside for further use.

For Pico de Gallo / Fresh Salsa
In a bowl add chopped tomatoes, onion, tomato ketchup, green chillies, coriander leaves, salt, lemon juice, corn kernels, pickled chillies and mix everything properly and keep aside for further use.

For Cajun Spice or Nacho Spice
In a pan add cumin seeds, coriander seeds, salt and dry roast them until fragrant.
Switch off the flames and add degi red chilli powder, dried mango powder, dried oregano and mix everything up.
Now add this in a grinder jar and grind it into a proper powder. Keep aside for further use.

For Cheese Sauce
In a pan add butter, turmeric powder and saute for half a minute then add milk, cheese, and mix well until the cheese is melted.
Now add the corn-starch slurry and mix it properly and cook until semi thick, then add the chilli oil mix once again and strain it properly with a strainer. Keep aside for further use.

For Assembling Nachos
Place the nachos in the serving plate and add pico de gallo, some grated cheese, mayonnaise, nacho spice and the cheese sauce with it. Serve immediately.

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Vinod Kumar says:

My sister tried crispy nachos once and now i will request her to make cripsy nachos😅

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Aleeza Surve says:

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Maize and corn are same?

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12:09 ❤️ food is basics and love❤️❤️

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I never thought that I would be so addicted to your smile and your way of speaking 🤩


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ayesha zahid says:

You man have given me the ultimate soul and taste heaven.A killer that struk my kids never ending appetite a satisfying pick. I got an amazing response from kids living each and every thing about this recipe. Thanks for sharing this wonderful dish. My kids are looking forward to break their fast with this 😍😍😍

minisha sharma says:

I love this story's it's make episode interesting

Suyog Kapileshwar says:

Food is basics and love ❤
-Chef Ranveer Brar, 2020.

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Mast recepi sir

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I don’t know why I’m watching this video at 4 am when I’m not going to make this in my entire life

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