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We head to San Diego to visit vegan chef, Roy Elam at his restaurant, Donna Jean and go behind the scenes to see him make his most popular and delicious dishes.

Donna Jean

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N Ruda says:

Favorite place to eat when visiting my daughter in San Diego!

Shelly McDonnell says:

Wow what a nice video. Nice to know the story of Donna Jean.

Citizen says:

This is a great video! The behind the scenes footage is unbelievably cool!

Marmaduke says:

What a beautiful human being Roy is, making a tribute to his mom like that. I wish she'd gone vegan earlier.
I've heard so much about Donna Jean through Brian, and to get to know more about the actual restaurant is so great.
S.D (or L.A. in general) is a vegan mecca for sure.
Loved the deeper insights to the actual restaurant, how the authentic food is prepared and how it all was edited.
And I wish I could give it a double like just for the super epic dance at the end

Rams Fam says:

I love how he doesn’t use “meat” and makes things as clean as he can. That’s what it’s all about ❤️

Connie`s Place says:

All that food looks so good I'm definitely going to go there and try it

Karen Schiavone says:

Looks amazing. He should go on diners drive ins and dives. Guy should do more vegan restaurants. Chris you should email him. Your the u tube movie star.

that girl in okc says:

Everything you ate looked sooo good😍 You even ate mushrooms, wow! Love the interview too. Donna Jean would be a proud mother. God bless her 🌱❤🖖

Brittney Sipes says:

They do make pizza now!! And it’s literally the best pizza! 🤤

Himani Upadhyay says:

That crunch on those mushrooms had me salivating!!

Elizabeth Shaw says:

Is San Diego's stupid hot like the valleys are? I'm looking for a nice place to live in California in an area where it's vegan Made Easy and there is a beach close by. This food looks so awesome!

Shlomo Shekelmaster says:

what a great guy!!

Lori LBVeganmetalmum says:

Awesome 😁 what a wonderful tribute. And it was so great he opened for you guys ❤️

Essence of Life says:

Ok, so I’m seriously hungry after watching this.

ChrisSquareFan says:

Mouth. Watering.

Shanez Veganess says:

Hot damn I want to fly there to eat 🙂 🙂 🙂

Joanne Holmberg says:

Just found you. Awesome! Really loved this video. Next time I’m in SD, I will try to get a reservation. Really interesting. Thanks. Now I am in marathon mode. 👍

Dawn Faialaga says:

Crazy that was my Moms name too 😳

Tarah H says:

When did you make this video because now they have lots of pizzas on the menu

Tarah H says:

What is his cheese sauce recipe? Is it the same one as Sun Cafe?

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