Vegan intersectionalism doesn’t exist

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Veganism is an other animals centric philosophy – people looking at Veganism through a human centric prism are not looking at Veganism.

The other animals only camp and the intersectional camp are arguing about nothing, because they are debating something that doesn’t exist.

Intersectionals have all been clubbed into the same group, but there is a fundamental difference between a vegan that is also intersectional, and the group that the other animals only camp are fighting against – but that group are arguably welfarist and not abolitionist, and of course Veganism is an abolitionist movement.

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Bohemian Bee says:

To be honest, it baffles the shimmy out of me. I think once intersectionality is dropped into the mix it gets a bit messy and over complicates a simple message which is fighting for the rights of animals to live of their own free will. Call me simple (I heard that😆) I don't wish to over complicate a simple message. I'm vegan. I'm an activist. Simples. Excellent debate and excellent hair.

Vegan Something says:

Interesting point, I've never felt that intersectionality is at odds with veganism in theory. But when people value tradition over life that seems to me like a flawed execution. Life surely must be a priority.

The Vegan Mooncat says:

Great video mate and awesome hair 👌

Berni V says:

Thanks for the video. Interesting. Even the word "Intersectionality" is a difficult word to define. If you go out into the street and ask someone what it means few people will give an answer. If vegans use these words it is going to look as if we are elitist. We need to connect with the people and educate the people about Veganism in terms that we all understand. I do not think Socialism is compatible with Veganism as Socialism is a political theory based on human supremacy.

Gawain says:

This video is a bit clunky as I’m developing my argument and just needed to post for alternative opinions.

But the nuts and bolts is, Veganism is an animal centric philosophy with other animals as the focus.

Intersectionality is a human centric philosophy and doesn’t account for the oppression of other animals – thus vegan intersectionality doesn’t exist.

If you are animal centric, then you are vegan, if you are human centric, then you are welfarist.

For instance – stating that 82% of starving children come from countries that export grain to the west which feed the animals we raise to be killed for their flesh is an intersectional statement, but can be used as an argument for ending the use of other animals – this is vegan.

Stating that Indiginous people’s have a right to hunt other animals because of tradition and colonisation is intersectional, but this is not vegan, it’s welfarist at best.

Thank you to Roger Yates for his theory on the scope and focus of Veganism which is helping me to develop this argument.

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