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All you need is 15 minutes to make this epic garlic shrimp udon noodle recipe! Quick noodles are a staple at my house. And udon noodles are always a favourite!

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Marion Grasby is a food producer, television presenter and cookbook author who’s had a life-long love affair with Asian food.

Marion is a little bit Thai (courtesy of her mum) and a little bit Australian (courtesy of her dad).

​Marion lives in Bangkok, Thailand and travels throughout Asia to find the most unique and delicious Asian food recipes, dishes and ingredients.


Magdalena Malarveeli Valoo says:

Can i just cut out the sugar ?

Mary Grace says:

Ugh craving this

Shiwangi Rawat says:

how long do i have to cook prawns?

fiia camilla says:

i made this today and it was DELICIOUS!!! i want to make this everyday lol 😫 also i couldn’t help but squeeze a bit of lime on the prawns and that just made me have a mouthgasm 😭

Yasir Khan says:

This is so yummmm

Liên Cuộc Sống úc AUSTRALIA says:

Wow noodles 🍝

Tunia says:

She's one of the reasons I gained so much weight 😭😭

Sebastian Bichescu says:

This is such an amazingly simple and delicious recipe! I made this for dinner yesterday but with egg noodles. Turned out absolutely amazing! That cabbage surprisingly adds such an abundance of flavour as it soaks up the essence of the soy sauce and the garlic! Can’t wait to make this dish again! 👌🏻

Chantal says:

I’ve made this with prawns, chicken and a tender cut of beef with thick hokkien noodles and it just keeps getting better and tastier! My family love it!!

Tam says:

I have already tried this and damnnn it so delicious, thank you Marion

Aanchal Chadha says:

Can I use coconut sugar instead of normal sugar

abanti explore says:

Love your recipes😍😍😍😍

Rach S says:

DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Marion

GroundBreaker Explore says:

I love your noodles recipe. Very nice presentation. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Sun says:

“Be like a nagging mother. Agitate them straight away.” 😂😂😂

Michelle Sun says:

Thank you for sharing this recipe! Your humor is hilarious 😂 Can’t wait to make this!

Thomas Smith says:

i made it, its fucking fire. ALSO SHE DIDNT MENTION, use Napa cabbage, not just any old regular cabbage.

Bonnie Aragon says:

What’s the difference with the purple cabbage and green head of cabbage?


Cependant , oubliez le 15 minutes………….. C'est pas mal plus long à tout préparer mais ça vaut la peine . MarcelH , Brossard, Québec , Canada.


Je viens tout juste de cuisiner ce plat et ce fut un succès incroyable . Je suis allé très souvent en Asie et j'ai dégusté des plats semblables mais………….. aucune comparaison . Loin du Pad Thai quoique ça se rapproche un peu. Mon épouse Asiatique a tout simplement adoré ce met et l'a "coté" 9.5/10 Certain que c'est à refaire . Merci beaucoup MarcelH

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