6 Vegan Lunch Meal Preps

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d a r l i n g says:

These look yum 😋

maria banana says:

Or you can just use ricr instead of qinuoa. Rice is a plant.

Vegan Raw Recipes says:

Looks fantastic

tanvi jha says:

So much of chick peas, u will end up with stomach aches and flatulence..
~ me as a vegetarian since birth, waiting for vegans to discover other lentils and pulses as protien source..🙂
Me as an indian– this food is just sad, but hey atleast they are trying..

Laura Ce España says:

coliflor m2

CupcatAJ says:

They put raw garlic in that pasta 😬

Ron Lobato says:

Thanks. Everything on YouTube has meat in it and just makes me feel hopeless. This was nice.

Noma M says:

Are vegans all healthy or

Ramesh Bala says:

Are the chickpea in these recipes boiled or just soaked in water overnight???

JR Jenkins says:

Pasta noodles have egg in them. Not vegan. Just saying

Nana Durango says:

I’m not even vegan yet I’ve been binge watching vegan recipes for the past few days.

Millenial Guides on Tech says:

Why does some of it look bland to me?

Sage J. says:

Can anyone tell me where this food goes after it's fixed on camera?

Ruth R says:

Talked to my cousin about being vegan and at first she said I could never do that but the next day she told me she’s gonna give it a try and she’s excited 🙂

Dennis Vaid says:

Some of these recipes are dramatically lacking adequate protein to be considered satiating and balanced. This could easily be fixed by just adding a few mock meats, more tofu, or beans why the resistence to protein in so many vegan recipes? Makes zero sense.

sweetsavvywally says:

Wow so awesome.

Pratibha martialartsqueen1 says:

Why this much oil!???

The Real Home Baker of Greeley Colorado says:

I deff. Need to try making these for my next meal! ❤️🤘🏼😋 I’ll have to make a video for sure!

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