Classic Vegan French Crepes – SO easy!

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Classic French crepes, made vegan! Learn how to make this easy crepe recipe with just 5 simple ingredients, no special tools required 🙂

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Hi, we’re Jasmine and Chris! Each week we share a new video with vegan recipes, cooking challenges and lifestyle content about our life as a vegan couple in the PNW. We invite you to join us in making the world a sweeter place!

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Grace Mueller says:

Oh my lord, I looooove best dressed. I can totally see you two collabing, and getting along so well! Also, this recipe is delicious!😋💖

Mohan Chilkuri says:

This is not vegan it has mulk

ke ho says:

This is a winner!!!! Stoped using eggs for crepes and still just as good! Letting the batter rest for 30 min – overnight makes em extra soft
I added a little maple syrup and cooked mine immediately but it still turned out great! Thank youuuuuuu!

Awkward Spoon says:

My mom is vegan going to make these for her birthday

Segatari says:

The batter is way too thick for crepes. They need to be completely liquid.

Aluel K says:

Wow great work looks yummy😋 thanks for sharing

Andre Estrada says:

have you tried it without apple sauce?

Funkylanda says:

Sadly this never works for me, not with applesauce and not with banana. Is it because i am using whole grain Flour?? I am very das that i now have to put an egg into it because otherwise id have to throw everything away :((( the crepes are falling apart as soon as you touch them

Anjana says:

Hey… can I skip the apple sauce?

Familia Beltran says:

are you sure coconut oil is safe to eat??
I thought it was only for ur hair
edit: then whats the pepper for??
and garlic powder.

Rose Viola says:

These look really yum 😋!

Rose Viola says:

What frying pan are you using, please? Is it a ceramic non-stick? If you know the brand and model I'd love to know. Thank you.

Mar Ventura says:

wow i made them this morning and it was so good so yummmy

Itzia Hurtado says:

Hi where can I find exact measurements…was it 1 cup flour?

Khushi 14 says:

Answer me what are the measurements??

Sara Mejia says:

What are the measurements?

Angel Leung says:

If I use banana how much should I use?

Khushi 14 says:

What are the measurements for the flour and milk???

Chhaya Pradhan says:

1:46, ur welcome

Rishma Gamage says:

i love bestdressed too! These crepes look really good gonna try them sometime

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