LOMI Recipe ~ Quick and Easy

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Angel Bernal says:

Gurom na ako…

Dana Recipes says:

Wow masarap lomi!

Asya ÖZBEK says:

Yummy ❤️

Mobile World says:

Wow Sana all masarap magluto 💙❤🙏😁😀👆

Jean Garrido says:


Jean Garrido says:

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Jean Garrido says:

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Jean Garrido says:

Ddyc34xxc s6cdyooyhthcf x. F2f xxx. Cog. B

Imeldà Cabangon says:

Why no list of ingredients in the description box?

tin mae says:

Alise ang gulay gaito

Ana M. C. Wilson says:

Going to take cooking next year there

Green Nicotine says:

Sa lahat ng noodle soup para saken yan ang pinaka-masarap!😋😁

eslay sugue says:

Hello lods.. Magluluto po ako ngayon nyan. See you around

masecacc 19 says:

Sarap gawa din ako nyan

Nancy Vinluan says:

Can I use beef instead of pork

Marilina Campanero says:

Thanks for sharing the recipe and procedure how to cook lomi, it's one of my favorite food.

Christian Deininger says:

That looks awesome but won't the pork get tough from all that boiling

Sir Dhodong Guitar says:

wow palagi mo naman akong ginugutom idol 93 kilos na ako oh my God,salamat sa recipe idol keep safe GOD BLESS ALWAYS

Maria Mendoza says:

It looks good and yummy, we will appreciate it very much if you could list down all the ingredients first before showing us on how to cook them, and thank you for sharing your recipe.

CELMZ TV says:

Wow na wow ulam,

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