Delicious VEGAN BATCH COOKING Recipes!

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SOUND ON! This is a viddy with a talking-twist 🙌🏻

Time to get the biggest pan you have out of the cupboard because today’s viddy is all about batch cooking! If you’re gonna cook some food, you may as well go big and batch-cook a large pot so you’ve got tasty grub for a few days.

If you can’t find all the ingredients, no problem. Use the recipe as a base and swap things in and out as necessary. If you make any of the recipes, snap a pic and tag us on insta!

Happy cooking!

Henry and Ian x




BOSH! Cookbook:

BOSH! was created by Henry Firth & Ian Theasby



Hinterfragen! says:

Maybe the recipes are top notch, I will never know. The unnecessary and distracting face came with none stop talking just killed the vibe.
It's about the food guys.. :/

Sitton Mi says:

Well done boiyzz this is great! 🇦🇺

Heidi K. says:

Where can I find the recipes? It looks amazing 👍🏽

Jacqui Lewis says:

I love your recipes. Purchasing book tomorrow ! Gonna try the hummus ish tonight!

She-learns says:

I haven't tamed a jackfruit yet.. one day lol. I'll try the getting water out 1st thanks.

Ash Leach Fitness says:

Onion & Tomato in every recipe, no good if you suffer from acid reflux 😔

Just Say No to Pseudoscience says:

I need recipes that do not have tomatoes, because I am seriously allergic.

Angela Allred says:

I would love to make some of your dishes, as they look delicious and nutritious. But sadly, there are no imperial measurements. America is a big place, with lots of vegans. Please include us. : )

Lynne Godfrey says:

One word for this recipes! Banging! Nice one guys 👏👍

lovelovinghorses says:

I am loving these narrated videos: I LOVE your videos and have all your books but one thing I would love you to do is narrate all your videos in future as I don't always have time to watch but I can listen and I would know by listening which recipes are suitable for my family ( we are all vegan, I am a coeliac) and are within our limited budget.
Also can you do more gluten free baking, breads, biscuits, cakes etc as healthy as possible and a video on using and preserving 'waste' food inc peelings, leek and spring onion tops etc would be fab.
Love you guys, thanks for making Vegan more mainstream, very different to when we went vegan (12 years ago).
Much love x x

Annie Bird says:


Jill Digwood says:

Great ideas, going to start with the shepherds pie as I love mushrooms, thanks for sharing. Stay safe 😘

Liz Bee says:

Mushrooms are super expensive in Australia About £6 a kilo. Still you need to buy many. 🤣🤣

Gareth Lucas says:

Aw I really enjoyed having you guys talk us through it 👍

Shaniafan1 says:

Cavelo Nero? What is that?

Shaniafan1 says:

Mushroom “meat” is delicious I add soy sauce, and liquid smoke. Gives it a nice flavour. But if I’m doing pasta I leave out the soy sauce.

Shaniafan1 says:

Jackfruit chilli that sounds amazing. But chocolate? That’s interesting.

PoisGaming says:

This channel is for Garlic Red Onion Lemon Lovers.
Hearty Herby Stew looks like Minestrone Italian soup.
I will definitely try the Hummus Curry. It looks so good

A R says:

Hello guys. Hope you're well. My favourite Waterstones book shop closed on the 23th of march, I went there and bought your new book. It was very bittersweet.
Take good care and stay safe🌹

Cassandra Healy says:

Just made the jackfruit chilli. It is so tasty. When I seen walnuts and chocolate I wasnt sure but had them on hand so I said why not, A++

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