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Spicy & Crunchy Garlic Tofu (VEGAN Kkanpoong Tofu)

You can find the full recipe here:

Spicy & Crunchy Garlic Tofu (Kkanpoong Tofu)

You can also find me here:

YT:  @The Korean Vegan 
IG: @the.korean.vegan
FB: @thekoreanvegan

You can find some of the ingredients for this dish here:

Potato Starch:
Korean Pepper Powder (Gochugaru):
Gluten Free Soy Sauce:
Dried Red Chilis:
Sesame Oil:

You can find some of the kitchen equipment I used for this video here:

Tofu Press:
Zwillig Henckels Knife:
Ballarini Pan:
Iwatani Portable Stove:

You can find my photography equipment I used for this video here:

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV:
Canon EOS 5D Mark III:

You can find ceramics like the ones featured in my video here:


The Korean Vegan says:

Is there such a thing as too much garlic?

Flower_Goddess127 says:

Awesome video! Just started watching your videos ! I thoroughly enjoyed it ❤️

dhi says:

i made this using tofu for my family and i then i added a desi twist and made it using paneer, which is also incredible as well! thank you for shaeing this recipe with us, my family absolutely loves it <3

Kevin Keoshian says:

I have found your channel today. Watched close to twenty clips, all resonating with my heart thank you for sharing your words of wisdom your stories your family history. I will share I wept several times during different clips of yours again thank you for sharing.

S B says:

I loooovveee your channel! Thanks for doing what you do! Any chance you could convert US measurements to the metric system, too? 🥰

K Renee says:

This looks so good! I wonder if it would work with tempeh…?

dylanisco0l says:


C G says:

LOL Taste just like chicken. Great recipe. Thank you.

angeliqueinhollywood says:

This looks amazing! ❤️ I don't understand why anyone would prefer chicken over this!

Marta Rose says:

Looks insanely delicious !!

Maeo Dok- Lao's Korat says:

I need more garlic 🙏❤️

Shakendria Murphy says:

And you Korean huh you ate out the pot just like i would child its less dishes 😂😂😂 idk how many times ive made noodles drunk asf and ate it out the pot cuz i was already hungry and unstable no time for a bowl lol

Virginia Lee Jones says:

I'd ask you to adopt me, but I'm sure I'm old enough to be your grandmother. Delicious!!!

zedrick zedwick says:

vegetable oil is extremely bad for you. better off using avocado oil.

PianoDome says:

I am not vegeratian and I might never be but goood you can make such incredible things with tofu. I definitely gonna do this after I was to the asia shop next time!

everythingsawesome says:

You're just deepfrying tofu. Unhealthy. 4 TBL oil is like 80 percent daily fat.

Sandra Hill says:

You had me at Fried Tofu! 😋😋😋 #NewSubbie #LateToTheParty!

Harriet Prior says:

Does anyone know a rough estimation of the calories of this? It looks AMAZING!!

plantbasedleon says:

strawberry milk brought me here, kkanpoong tofu kept me here

Sarah Z Imdad says:

I made this and this is an amazing dish. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe.

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