Jamie's Perfect Christmas Stuffing

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Check out Jamie’s favourite stuffing recipe — perfect for Christmas Turkey. Made with diced pork shoulder, smoked bacon, sage, nutmeg and chesnuts, it can be baked in a separate dish or in your turkey. Simply scrumpcious!

How do you like to make your stuffing? We’d love to hear your ideas so please share them with us in the comments box below!

Find the recipe here: http://goo.gl/D2WH13

Links from the video:
Cook and Prep Turkey | http://youtu.be/b8bx56etxkE
Roast Potatoes | http://youtu.be/b1bXQlWLl7U

Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas first aired on Channel 4 in December 2010. If you’re watching from the UK you can see the full episode here http://www.channel4.com/programmes/jamies-best-ever-christmas/4od#3151410

For more nutrition info, click here: http://jamieol.com/D3JimM

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kate Greig says:

Thank you Jamie I'm off to make it now. Merry Christmas 🎁🎉🎄

Kyle Robinson says:

Looks so tasty OMG

Dr Storm says:

Can we put this stuffing side a full chicken??

Suzi Hazlove says:

Looks like A pork loaf

Steve Whitehead says:

Maybe a daft question but could I prep this today and cook it tomorrow?

Ifcukin8 Mufc says:

What no rosemary ..!

Lord Shin says:

here in canada thats called a meatloaf. our stuffing is 80% bread – not bread crumbs.

정준호 says:

What kind of herbs can be best in ur thinkin

Xavier Melisse says:

Have followed instructions step by step, both stuffing and turkey have been doing well. The color contrast between the turkey and the stuffing is really great for presentation. It is tasty and several guests have voiced it ! Ratatouille's Chef Gusteau was stating 'anyone can cook', the true sentence could be : " when following Chef Jamie Oliver guidances', anyone can cook". Enjoy Christmas everyone !

Christmas Crustacean says:

Question, if I were to use dried sage. How much would be good? a tablespoon? teaspoon?

David James Brown says:

Wow you have your own channel great! 😀 I love watching your programs have done since you first appeared. 🙂

Cheznuts says:

In Aust and looking for chestnuts? – we have them exactly like the ones Jamie uses. See http://www.cheznuts.com.au

Robert Moorhead says:

Are the chestnuts pre-roasted??

Christmas Crustacean says:

I've never roasted a turkey before, doing it for the first time this christmas… I'm going to use this recipe, doing a test run soon before Christmas tho so I know what I'm doing.

brittard watts says:

the faces you were maken when you was blending the pork LOL

TacoHorse says:

Never seen meat in a stuffing before, interesting idea I may have to try it. But for Christmas I think a more traditional savory and sage stuffing is still going to be best.


Love your faces!!!

Derek Hanley says:

Can't see this on YT. What's the problem?

surfacingcom says:

Hmm, doesn't show up in my YT subs, but I did see the G+ post. Get your stuff together, Google!

The Craft Beer Channel says:

Nothing beats a good stuffing. Couldn't hurt to put a little bit of smoked beer in there too!

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