VEGAN NUTRITION BASICS » the plate method

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❤ Sadia


Pick Up Limes says:

Have you heard of the "plate method" or something similar before?

Aishwarya Pande says:

Love You Sadia ❤️

WILLAandallthat says:

This video was not only very helpful but very calming and relaxing so thank you

Anais Enriquez says:

Love listening, I always get good healthy tips!!

high priestess subliminals says:

I’ve vegan for almost 4 years and im just now watching a video like this 😭 I’ve been eating all wrong.

Saxen Art says:

What’s wrong with canned beans? I always eat canned beans😅

Bill O says:

Plants lack 15 nutrients. This is malnutrition.

Angel Morales says:

Love it! And love you 🤭♥️

Ann G says:

The Canada food guide was updated in January 2019! It's now much more helpful because it uses the plate method

Natasha Brooke says:

Re Calcium, don’t seaweed and sesame contain high levels of calcium? I think that a lot of plant milks added calcium is from seaweed.

Monique Mcgill says:

i love this video thanks 🙂

Greg Severance says:

What if you can't eat tofu? Can you get enough protein without protein?

Waves of beauty says: Hey Sadia.. is this your channel? Looks like your videos are copied into this channel.. Infringement alert!!!

Amneris Caporal says:

i love ur videos im not vegan but i have medical conditions that have been cured with this vegan diets and ideas so thank you so much for this videos and the beautiful vibe that u share . hi from mexico

Deborah John says:

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Pat Butler says:

This was great simple info. Bless you. Keep em coming

Mcglynn Kareem says:

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Cobbie Bertolami says:

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Katrina Lyon says:

I'm going vegan and this was really helpful and simple to understand. Thank you!!!

Mcglynn Kareem says:

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