Homemade Veggie Burgers Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 619

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rose rubino says:

you are lovely will be trying these burgers

هلا اسماعيل says:

Can I use canned mash room

Genevieve Darrett says:

This looks awesome, looking for a burger for my daughter going to make this for her .Thank you !!! be blessed ,be safe!! She going to be surprised!!

Memi Ao says:

Thats like Arabian falafel

Rajni Dharma says:

Good taste of vegetarian lovers
May God bless you…..
And pls do not use the egg for any vegetarian food considering the egg is non vege
Just for ur information
Thanks and all the best to you….?

Aamina Mian says:

Laura, I added a small head of cabbage to your recipe. I did rough chop my veggie and put it on a tray. Baked them at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Allowed the veggies to cool down. Then I put it into the food processor and pulsed them for a few minutes. Then put the mixture into the fridge overnight. Thanks for your video and advice. Have a good summer.

William Santiago says:

That looks so good !

Amra Kuc says:

OMG guys this was so delicious, juicy and flavorful! Thank you Laura for this amazing recipe! Just finished eating mine. I added liquid smoke and soy sauce to the mixture and skipped the zucchini. I used shiitake mushrooms which I think are more flavorful. Toasted the bun and it was perfect and I am not even a vegetarian.

Nava Morris says:

I'd like to try these. I can't eat black beans, so I don't know how they taste. Would kidney beans have a similar taste profile? Thanks!

Norman Tkachyk says:

I bought a food processor, haven't used it yet !!! Will now !!

Joseph Clark says:

Sum of that "leafy greens SAUCE!!" No lie. BLAZE green MEDICINE YA'LL! ! ♧÷♧

Falacknaz Cotobaly says:

Like always amazing recipe.thank you for that.. can I use Red bean instead black bean please?

Julan Al-Yassin says:

Yummy this looks scrumptious 😋 can’t wait to try them. Laura is literally in a league of her own ❤️👍🏻

shane scott says:

those look dee to the lish!


I know I was at this veggie burger gathering but I don’t
remember the date / the location / how I got there /
I know I was pushed into a bedroom / thrown down
on a bed / tackled / I do remember I was wearing a
one pieces swim suit / I don’t remember how I got
home / I clearly remember I ate a veggie burger


CO2 America Cattle Ranch

Man on an Island says:

Melt some cheese to keep it from falling apart.

Sharon R says:

I'm thinking cooked portabella mushrooms.

Michael P says:

Hi Laura, do you think this would work as sausages in casings?

Shirley Clark says:

thank you so much for sharing this amazing recipe

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