Vegan Children's Brains

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Maternal Protein Study:,core%20and%20associated%20ASD%20symptoms.

Hot For Health Video on Unnatural Vegan:
Vegan Deterioration Video:
Diet and Brain:
Mia Macamulli TedX Talk:
Dr. David Perlmutter Interview:
Creatine and the Vegan Brain:
Brain Shrinkage and B12:


La Vida Moderna de Julia says:

My mom was vegetarian when I was kid, if it wasn't for my dad I would have no brain. I had neurological symptoms all my childhood.

Alpharius says:

Greger is such a deplorable human imitator of some sort of delusional being

Theresa the kid says:

Great video Julie!

Resting Bitchface says:

My babies were all weaned from breast milk on homemade soft cheeses, beef liver and soft boiled eggs, just like generations of my family. My sister-in-law weaned her babies from soy formula on rice cereal and commercial baby food.

Like me, my children were all walking by ten months old, and talking by their first year; they were always scored in the top 98% and all athletic, intelligent, healthy and have never had physical, mental or dental injuries or illnesses. My sister-in-law’s kids? Both squeaked by in school, have had lifelong issues with weight even whilst playing sports in school, and struggled with alcohol and food addictions through high school and into college.

I listened to Swayze’s video about her kids’ development and was horrified; I pity the sad future she has set them up to endure. My sister-in-law did not raise her children vegan, but what she did do did not help them in anyway. I still consider it child neglect at best, and abuse at worst. Healthy babies are born in ketosis, and their development is dependent on that state. Unhealthy babies are jacked up on sugar and their tissues robbed of the saturated fats that metabolize nutrients, create hormones, build cells, insulate the nervous system and cushion the organs. By depriving them of these building blocks, we are creating third-world children by choice snd design.

Lorne Beck says:

Honestly so grateful for your content. I dont know how you keep pumping out new videos every day but I'm always looking forward to them. This is a subject i never thought we have to be had and yet here we are.. people raising kids vegan and having vegan pregnancies. Usa is really selling out humans

Mica Solange says:

I just finished the video. I send you a big hug. Everything is gonna be ok❤💪

Cool kid gaming says:

Can you do a video on mic the vegan saying humans are naturally herbivores?

Mica Solange says:

This is too sad for me… i cant😢😡

Buffalo Bill says:

A lot of effort goes into these videos they’re really really good!

Ms. Chris Cole says:

I’m autistic. These are ALL signs of autism, in these children. I mean, I don’t dislike being autistic, I rather enjoy it. Though, that’s not to say I didn’t grow up struggling, immensely — being I grew up in a narcissistic household; while, unknowingly, autistic (I only figured it out, a few months ago — I’m 33).

However, diet plays SUCH a huge role. I developed Cushing’s Syndrome, by the age of 6 (long-term exposure to cortisol/stress, from an outside source — such as abuse). My household ate like crap, and because of the detrimental long-term affects of cortisol — I became nearly 350lbs., by 17. I remember struggling, so much, in school — because I couldn’t stay awake or focus. One reason being, because of my lack of proper nutrients — even without being vegan, in the slightest.

So, if I had that much trouble with my situation; while knowing the narcissistic-tendencies, which, resides in some many of these vegan parents (I am not implying they have a personality disorder — simply, tendencies. As in — brainwashed) — I can only imagine the vast difficulty and stress, these children our experiencing.

I don’t regret my experiences. Though, I’ve completely transformed my life and way of thinking — by way of cognitive behavioral therapy/leadership trainings/work. Which, are right up the autistic-alley — being based around logic. This video is a great example, of why I am so passionate in pursing work, in cognitive behavioral therapy. Because though children stuck in these situations, may not have the ability to be step away from such a harmful lifestyle, now… Though, they will be able to, one day. And even though a vegan diet has been shown to cause brain malnourishment; thankfully, our brain has neural plasticity. So, with faith and beginning a proper diet, as well as beginning the practice of CBT tools — there is absolutely a chance, these children get to live a fulfilling, successful, healthy and happy life.

Ms. Chris Cole says:


My grandmother has a rather swift-progression, of either Alzheimer’s or dementia (I think Alzheimer’s). My entire life, growing-up, she would always focus on eating low/no-fat and watching her cholesterol intake. What’s so sad, is otherwise — she is in incredibly good shape and sprite, for being 83. When I see her, often, I forget she isn’t somewhere in her earlier 70’s.

The Dr says:

The editing is fucking killing me lmao

fox 1212 says:

I was plantbased during pregnancy and breastfeeding and started my son on Raw vegan and vegan solids. At 1 year he lost his 4 words. He is now 2.5years old and an extremely picky eater has problems with textures and sunlight lacks eyecontact, stomach pains every night behavior issues hits his head on the ground etc. We are now on the GAPS Diet and slowely he is getting better. I regret my fault every single moment i look at my beautiful son.

Ello Ohno says:

Great video

Hot for Health says:

Mayim's kids- whoa. 😭 They just assume there's nothing they can do!

Tom Lauris says:

3:06 Everyone knows what poor scientists the Germans are, better listen to that American NGO that lets vegan activists and Seventh Day Adventists write their papers 😉

Kate Aye says:

New sub here. Thank you.

Midas Tidas says:

This is exactly the type of video that was needed. Well done Juliette!

Mikkel H says:

Sv3rige interviews a lot of ex-vegans and it's mostly just them talking about their experiences and the issues they ended up having following a vegan diet. it varies GREATLY, how much time these people have been vegan, and what and how severe their issues is. but a lot of them seem to have the same issues.
emotional problems (anxiety etc), teeth problems and gut health, are the top 3, i'd guess.
Anyways. Nobody should be vegan, and nobody should force children to be vegan. But if YOU wanna be vegan… sure. just dont tell me what to eat, and don't hurt your children with a vegan diet.
also i'd say, the Magic pill documentary (i believe is on netflix) does talk a lot about diet and how it relates to brain health, specifically autism, in the case of this documentary.

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