Vegan Meal

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Happy Vegan Meal! 🥰🥰🥰

3/4 cups vegan butter
1 shallot onion
4 cloves garlic mince
3/4 cups Almond Milk
1/2 cup Silken Tofu
2tbs Nutritional Yeast
1tsp thyme( you can add more)
3/4 cups Shredded Vegan Mozzarella
2lbs Yukon Potatoes

Preheat the oven for 350°F and baked Vegan Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes for 30 mins. with covered foil. After 30 mins. Remove the foil from the pan and baked again for 25-30 mins or until potatoes are cooked.

Music: Talk to me
Genre: Acoustic
Style:Bright, Uplifting
Instrumentation: Ukulele, Acoustic guitars, Percussion, Claps, Tambourine,Mallets
BPM:90, length: 0:56
Composed by: The Second Life


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