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Happy Sunday! I hope you guys enjoy this insight to my go to meals. There are ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in this video and I show you how to make them all. They are all easy and most of them quick to make as well. You find everything mentioned in the video linked below in case you want to make it yourself. Feel free to share your go to meals in the comments – I’d love to hear about them!

Malin x



Oat recipes:
Bircher muesli – https://bit.ly/2OzEjKt
Date and tahini oatmeal – https://bit.ly/3myZFEf
Creamy coconut oats with cinnamon apples – https://bit.ly/3dHnZzK
Golden turmeric porridge – https://bit.ly/3t4esJJ
Quick steel cut oatmeal – https://bit.ly/3wBvRM5

Blueberry and peanut butter smoothie – https://bit.ly/3d2NOLG
Tropical green smoothie – https://bit.ly/3fR9FaO

Nourish bowl recipes:
Winter meal prep with three nourish bowl combos – https://bit.ly/3s3BMWH
Winter goodness bowl with roasted pumpkin – https://bit.ly/3dStUlR
Colourful bowl with baked tempeh – https://bit.ly/31WwWQu
Fresh and crunchy summer bowl – https://bit.ly/3dSdSIq

Dal palak/Spinach dal – https://bit.ly/3d3txpp
Chana masala – https://bit.ly/31ZQGCJ
Baingan bharta by Cook with Manali – https://bit.ly/3t6DMi2
Chana chaat by Veg Recipes of India – https://bit.ly/3dOyrpk

Classic hummus recipe – https://bit.ly/3s5vIgr

Umami seeds – https://bit.ly/3mNNO5H


📽 Camera Gear:

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k (BMPCC 6k)

Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR 7“

Sigma Art 50 mm

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NMJ says:

I honestly think that of all the vegan & whole food youtubers your meals are the most beautiful! I need to buckle down are make these meals.

Saponeto says:

Hello there!! Love like always your videos 💕💕💕💕
Today I made hummus and added ice cubes and OMG !! it was delicious. It is not the same when you add water. This time I did it without water, I just added ice. Thanks for sharing this little secret.

Jéssica Araújo says:

Loved this video 🤗

naturally rachida says:

My goodness, yumm!

M says:

How do you cook the aubergine for the Indian dish, do you put them in a gas flame or do you have another method? I often eat the italian aubergine dish called caponata and also like dahl and soups/stews with lentis.

forever_vegan1 says:

you are soooo great !!!

Krista Jonas says:

gorgeous recipes and beautifully done filming!

Sarah Skiba says:

Love all the recipes you make! I had a baby a year ago and unfortunately I've been very lazy in the kitchen (for my meals, I make a lot of efforts to make balanced meals for the little one lol) – I need to take better care of myself … Just one question though, I am not Indian but I think I've heard you're supposed to cook turmeric otherwise it has a bitter flavour? Have you tried making this dish by adding turmeric to the spice mix before you add the spinach? I will definitely try making this with tampered spices as I always cook everything together 🙂

Veganbell says:

Always so inspiring. Thank you, Malin. Everything looks so good. 😊😊

Barbara Quaye says:

These foods look filling, nutritious, and affordable to make. I enjoyed the filming and camera quality too! Really good video

albordreuil says:

So so beautiful !!

Lauren Nichole says:

Asafoetida will definitely bring the stink to your home but funny enough it is really helpful in preventing yourself from developing gas! I think the flavor is a really nice addition but I am way too afraid to bring it to my home 😅

Maria 17 says:

Lovely! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Helena Boullosa says:

Thank you so much!! Brilliant sugestions!

Beate Wolpert says:

Fun fact, because I think many people do not know that: sauerkraut is a VERY typical German food (mostly southern Germany I think). If I would tell my grandmother, that sauerkraut is eaten by people all over the world and that it is super trendy, she would not believe me haha

P.S.: great video. No knew ideas for me, but great to be remembered of old favourites that I just "forgot" about

Crystal H says:

Hummus as a meal 🤯 now this is a reason to make your own 👍

Emma Gillett says:

Very excited to try these ideas out, thanks for your work!

Vegan Runner says:

Great ideas! Yes there are a lot of similar receipes but it’s never enough! Nice to see some variances. Many thanks!

69juggarnaut says:

No joke this is one of the best plant based videos i have ever seen. Fantastic looking food!!

Daniela Nereu says:

Not related but you have the cutest teeth:) Yummy food:):)

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