Magnum: Dark Chocolate Raspberry, White Chocolate Vanilla & Milk Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream Review

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This is a taste test/review of the new Magnum Dark Chocolate Raspberry, White Chocolate Vanilla and Milk Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream. They were $4.99 each at Meijer.
* The Dark Chocolate Raspberry is raspberry ice cream and dark chocolate shards in a cracking dark chocolate shell. 2/3 cup (110g) = 340 calories
* The White Chocolate Vanilla is vanilla ice cream and white chocolate shards in a cracking white chocolate shell. 2/3 cup (110g) = 350 calories
* The Milk Chocolate Vanilla is vanilla ice cream and milk chocolate shards in a cracking milk chocolate shell. 2/3 cup (110g) = 350 calories

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Joy S says:

I even have it!

Joy S says:

My favorite 1 is the milk chocolate and vanilla tub of The 3!

Joy S says:

This is so yummy!

kk P says:

good thing I saw this review.
my store was selling this shit for $2 after coupon. Ice cream shouldn't look like yogurt.

DeyloveC says:

I just bought one for the first time ! Caanntt wait to try it bruh omg

A Whole New World of drawing and art Donkers says:

OMG i love all 3 😀😍👍🏼👋🏼😃

Robyn Findley says:

I usually get ben and Jerry's but this is good

beautychan says:


ashley griffith says:

I just got into eating magnum and I liked the white chocolate and now I am trying the milk chocolate and the raspberry one

geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz says:

The choc ice lollies are horrible reconstituted ingredients crap and reflect in the eating. I'd happily never buy them ever again. In fact they are so crap I'd just avoid anything magnum now

eclipsesonic says:

The white chocolate tub is my favourite of the three.

Caroline Gray says:

The ice creams look nice

Alison G says:

They put indents so they wouldn’t have to put more ice cream…😑HOW R00D

Kalyani_h_ says:

Oof, I ate mine without waiting 10 minuets

dianna gamill says:

I just try the Milk Chocolate Vanilla, I didn't like it. Not enough ice cream and too much chocolate I wouldn't buy these again

Anya Ellis says:

I'm watching this whilst eating a magnum lol. Your accent reminds me of cate blanchett's character in the curious case of Benjamin button! I'm British so I'm probably way off haha

Berkay Filiz says:

İ'm Lice you magnum

Anna Di Marco says:

i wish magnum made a lower calorie and sugar version

anita taylor says:

Tried the milk chocolate vanilla not worth $5. The chocolate was good but not great and the ice cream was no better than a cheap store brand. I will just stick with Ben And Jerry's for my over the top premium ice cream calorie bomb.

Jules says:

My favourite was the white chocolate one. I actually love that vanilla bean flavour. In my country they had a hazelnut praline version I had high hopes for. I didn’t hate it by any means but it wasn’t anything memorable either. Wouldn’t repurchase any of them but it was a fun novelty to try!

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