Chocolate Rocket | Chocolate Milkshake | Magnum Ice Cream | Make a Drink for Yourself | Recipe Video

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Make yourself a drink by yourself with our quick recipe with the minimal ingredients that you can get at your home.

Write down in the comment section that which drinks you want us to make next.

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Mumbaichi khaugalli says:

Hey , check out more videos that are easy to make at your home.

Check above playlist for the Home made recipes.

Prabha Hemant Oswal says:

This thing tastes to ugly 💀😂😭

ItsB ForBean says:

legends would leave the magnum bar stick on the drink

Kairu 07 says:

name of music?

diff name says:


May جودي says:


AK Rawat says:

When someone wants diabetes in a glass

سجاد احمد says:


Kalpana R says:

I want this address and price

เด็กติดเกม ชอบแมวเหมียว says:

i feel hungry😋

Priya Dhakorkar says:

Arrey dilated nahi …diluted …

Hansikaa Srinivas says:

U can't waste 80 RS like that😠😠

Monicka Rk says:

Good night😘 mama

honeystar says:

This is probably worth to MC'DONALDS

Jesun Mofaed says:


cream cheese and pepperoni says:

That looks like actual diabetes. Can I have some?

Adrija Goswami says:

Ridiculous video 🙄🙄🙄
Can't you just buy a milkshake????

Jangam Nageswararao says:


Alisha Gupta says:

Kyu to icecream ka nash kar diya, aur kyu doodh barbad kar diya.

April Aguilar says:

his nails have magnum inside🤭😂

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