HOMEMADE vs. STORE-BOUGHT: Vegan Almond Magnum // 4 ingredient recipe + taste test

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In this fun video, I take you through a simple 4 INGREDIENT recipe for roasted almond magnums AND we test whether homemade is really better than the storebought. I know I may be a bit biased, so I also asked my boyfriend for his opinion too! The recipe is 100% plant-based and extremely healthy for an ice-cream! Scroll down for the full recipe and nutritional information as well as our taste ratings!

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4 frozen bananas
2 tsp vanilla extract (or paste/powder)
100g block 70% dark chocolate
1 small pack of slivered almonds
+ if you want it creamier add in some coconut cream (the solidified part at the top of a coconut milk can) and mix it in the food processer with the bananas! This would also make the mixture a bit runnier so would be easier to get into the moulds!

Ice-cream mould I used (would not highly recommend as it was quite difficult to get out… I had to run it under hot water for a while and bash it on the table a lot to get it out haha) https://www.kmart.com.au/product/icy-pole-maker—assorted/2652338?&gclid=CjwKCAjwps75BRAcEiwAEiACMZeejhDOsMMyI8xpiCPrHb_O9gRbbFJ4RXyzTNAvFhrkvBkVlxsADRoCzWAQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Ice-cream mould I would recommend (The silicone would be much easier to use, plus it is more of the right shape!) : https://amzn.to/3kCnhGS

Energy: 239kcals
Protein: 4.4g
Carbs: 27g
Fat: 12.5g



SPOILER: The homemade one is also much healthier so overall on both accounts, it is the clear winner!

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Have you ever made ice-cream at home? It's so much easier and healthier than you might think if you make it with frozen bananas!

Tracey Costa says:

Omg your homemade one looked so good, yes please to more of these videos. Going to try this, wonder if the bananas will work in my NutriBullet…..I’ve had my bullet for about 4 years and use almost daily for smoothies and does a great job there.

E. says:

Love this recipe, will definitely try it! Any idea how I can replicate those magnums in a tub using this recipe? 🙂

Kalle Flodin says:

I can make my own Magnum…? 😮🤤 Not good news for me, haha, they look sooo tasty!

Lizz says:

I love the magnum almonds but I also love love nice cream. I've got to make these. Great idea. Thanx

Jon's Conscious Life - The Vegan Runner says:

I love love love vegan ice cream treats and the magnums are legit. But! The homemade stuff looks amazing.

Vegan Hut says:

This is some great idea to make ice cream. Looks incredibly healthy. I am just wondering if there could be any substitute for banana in this as my baby do t really like banana.! 😀

Pure Living Nutrition says:

I'm always making banana nice cream, so this is a great recipe to try! Your ice cream definitely looks much tastier than the original one. I also love how it's healthier. 🙂

Eat Your FORKing Vegetables says:

WOW well done, those homemade ones look amazing and SO much healthier!! Bananas kill me unfortunately but what a great recipe!!

Eartha Fruganista says:

Wow the final product looks amazing! It's such a good idea to make a comparison video because you're informing, educating and encouraging others to make it themselves. I'd definitely prefer to make the banana version because it's less processed and more whole foods. I try to stay away from processed food as much as possible, but sometimes I slip. Great video! Make more comparison videos! 😊👍💚✌

Eartha Fruganista says:

Piping the bananas into the molds is such a good idea! 👍 And yes, I've definitely burned almonds before.

Eartha Fruganista says:

Yum! I have a bunch of frozen bananas that should be blended and made into yummy ice cream. Or take it to the next level and make these incredible popsicles!

Carla Bohna says:

love this video!! my favorite dark chocolate is 70% too! can't wait to make this <3

Jessica Lychees says:

Omg! 😍 I've never thought about making these type of ice cream at home. I usually just make a bowl of ice cream by blending frozen bananas with milk. But your recipe takes it to another level! 😱💕💕

chefkennedy says:

I def want to try yours! The toasted almonds and thick dark chocolate is a perfect touch! I would probably add a touch of flakey sea salt to mine because i love that sweet and salty combo. Always a joy to watch your videos!

Vegan Dynamite says:

tbh I wasn't that impressed with the vegan magnums, but maybe because I never had the regular ones so i didn't have the nostalgia factor? i def think yours look better with a little extra chocolate!

broccolini says:

Yours looks delicious, and so much cheaper than the store bought Magnum, great idea! 😊

Living on the veg says:

Yum!!!! Magnums are my favourite and your homemade ones look delicious !! I cannot wait to try! 🥰💚

LiveLifeLori says:

Sooo many ingredients in the store bought one, nice that the one you made only has 4 ingredients. I have tried those magnum ones and they are super delish though, but yours are way healthier plus less packaging too.

Happy Potato says:

Yesssss! I also make my own ice cream, it's amazing. We don't get the vegan magnum here so homemade it is 👍🌸

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