The Art of The Double Pint // Presented by BuzzFeed & Magnum

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Crack into NEW Double Tubs from Magnum Ice Cream — velvety ice cream, rich sauce, and chocolate chunks encased in a cracking chocolate shell. It’s a next-level ice cream experience!


Fatima Abd Al-Jawala says:

Omg please stop, I'm fasting!!

Ling Ling says:

imma be honest here, there really isn't that much caramel in the actual pint

more espresso less depresso says:

Please tell me this ice cream is not made by the same company that makes condoms 😂😂😂

John Fox says:

Glad I don't waste my money on this … I learned how to make my own ice cream.

BTW .. a pint is 16 ounces, not 14.8. And wouldn't a double pint be a quart instead of 14.8 ounces? Or what exactly does 'double' mean??

Somebody wasted a lot of money on branding and marketing.

Shoshana Loomer says:

Whoever disliked this is hungry

Hli says:


Rajesh Palejwala says:

Don't they have an ice cream brand?

Samira Hamilton says:

I thought they were actually gonna show us how they made it 😑

CateRicette says:

loool, we are waiting for you, hello to all

An icecream says:

im starting to think that this ice cream gets paid more than in a month

Tasha Allison says:

If you had a choice what would you choose

19 Felisitas Michella Purnomo says:

Goddamnit, Now I want ice cream.

Śpìćè *Studios* says:

I’m eating this right now same flavor

abigail c says:


lovely says:

I get it, but omg those ice cream look good

Jen Tuesday says:

1.75 per pint at Publix today (bogo) my fellow Floridians

Anna Herren says:

At least Like make a recipe with it

{•SugaryRainbowPoodle•} :3 says:

Lol I’m always eating magnum ice cream

Kareem Rhaburn says:

excuse me while i go to the bathroom real quick picks up bottle of lotion and brings it in bathroom

Caroline Roux says:

Omgggg belgian chocholat

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