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5 ingredient vegan cheese cake might seem impossible but we challenged ourselves to make vegan baking as easy and accessible to our YouTube community. This Cheese Cake is so tasty and decadent! Its a must try by and no bake so its even easier than most cakes. Let us know what you think in the comments.

FULL RECIPE HERE; http://www.happypearcourses.com/5-ingredient-vegan-cheesecake/

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All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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The Happy Pear says:

FULL RECIPE HERE; http://www.happypearcourses.com/5-ingredient-vegan-cheesecake/

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

LiteBite says:

Omg I loved this recipe 🤩

Mike Skylark says:

Love you energy, guys! Pretty healthy recipe too! 🙂

Star Cat says:

That looks so beautiful.

Tze Yue Loke says:

so mouth waterin', i want to make it for my poor mama

Janet Wainwright Reed says:

I'm loving your presentation! Fun and healthy topic too. Thanks

Gurdeep Singh says:

Hi my daughter is allergic to milk and tree nuts then what would be the alternative plz

arlcrane says:

Lightly grease the spring pan with coconut oil, and it'll pop right off. No need to cut around the edges. Pro tip here……no charge!

Venkat subramanian says:

Wow.. amazing recipe. Came out so well.

Alice Woodman says:

Can I use a blender instead of a food processor? What’s the difference

Bustajoint Nflex says:

I use date syzurp for the sweetner.most natural.

Kattia Peralta Rosales says:

can I use a blender to make the mixture smoother or does it have to be a food processor?

Unicorn Sparkle Tigers says:

This looks so awesome I love this recipe so much

dan doon says:

I tried this at my birthday party and it was a big hit! It was so good that i did it again this weekend. How long does it keep for? Could I freeze half of it to keep fresh for later?

Alwayztosweet 1 says:

Converted recipes please🙂

Ferro Bonfiglio says:

Super easy and super delicious! Second time I made this. First one for Father's day and this time for my birthday.

The Forgotten Poet says:

Instead of vegan cream cheese, could you use silken tofu?

Saoirse Hegarty says:

List of things I miss:
.Cheese cake

DeanRendar84 says:

i'd layer all this into a glass baking dish and treat it like icecream cake using 1 square per dessert. i thought dates had not vegan dead wasps inside, but thats probably figs, cashew filling on cashew crust? i'm skeptical, but the visuals seem to show they clearly look and probably taste unique from each other. ill try this with canned cherry pie filling over the top.

Jimmy-James Olivier-McCutcheon says:

400g of cashew shit thats a 50bucks cake

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