ever wondered what a typical evening meal is for a classically trained chef? on the menu, Vietnamese Vegan Meatballs | Healthy Vegan Mac & Cheese | Ancient Grain Stew | Massaged Kale Salad 💬 full [More]
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written recipe below 👇👇👇 LET’S BE FRIENDS:) ♡ 🌱 ♡ 🌱 ♡ 🌱 ♡ 🌱 ♡ 🌱 ♡ 🌱 ♡ 🌱 ♡ 🌱 IG: @BLESSMYVEGANHEART www.instagram.com/blessmyveganheart CHEEZY MUSHROOM MELT RECIPE ———– INGREDIENTS —————————- – 8 [More]
Vegetarian food – Chicken thighs mushrooms braised with gingers Prepare 500g chicken thigh mushrooms: washed, cut off the legs and cut into circles, then soaked in salt water and washed again before processing. 1 ginger [More]
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