Which Is The Best Vegan Magnum? Sea Salt Caramel V.S. Almond

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πŸ‘πŸ‘ Two Vegan Magnums – Which Would You Pick? πŸ‘πŸ‘
πŸ‘‰Vegan Sea Salt?
πŸ‘‰Vegan Almond?
I loooooveeeee Magnums, I know they have fancy doodle packaging and crazy advertising campaigns, but the actual ice cream is just so good!!
Personally I’m all in Team Almond, I just love the crunch of the outer layer and the contrast with the inner but let us know below which you’d go for.
I keep saying it, but I truly believe these sorts of products are the keys to unlocking the onslaught of veganism. When you can buy products this good for this low price, dairy and other animal products just pale into complete obsolescence! And destroying dairy has never ever felt or tasted so good 😜😜 @magnum


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