How to Make Classic Tortilla Soup | Food Network

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Watch Marcella’s technique for thickening this hearty, satisfying soup.

This video is part of Mexican Made Easy, hosted by Marcella Valladolid.

Professional chef and cookbook author Marcella Valladolid prepares a fresh take on Mexican food and shares simple and authentic recipes in her series, Mexican Made Easy. Marcela, inspired by her dual Mexican and Southern California upbringing, transforms stereotypes of the cuisine into healthy and easy-to-prepare Mexican meals. Whether serving home-cooked dinner for her son or entertaining friends and family, Marcela brings to the table fresh flavor that fits all tastes.

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otep062 says:

I'd definitely add salt

Paddy Mcguiness says:

I I’m not here to converse for Lisa but to testify what I’m sure about I I'm my husband earn $13000 this week

rickydlp says:

looks so simple yet delicious!!!

Carlos Santana says:

I love Marcella V. Her videos are simple and easy to understand and recipes are great.

Texas Tea says:

So simple!!

Gantry Crane says:

Is that Laguna Beach?

Star Bright says:

Looks extremely delicious..! 😋
Will definitely try … 👍

2BLESSED says:

So no seasoning? 🤨

Julia Brock says:

Really miss her on The Kitchen.😢

Will Rall says:

She is the best

Yvonne Castillo says:

To the people that have so much to say about how she chose to say the Spanish words in her recipe. She speaks like a hispanic. If she doesn't say the Spanish words correctly then she'll have all the Spanish speaking people on this post talking down on her. She doesn't have to say the Spanish words the way white people say them. Then she would sound really stupid for trying to really sound like a white person. The same thing if a person speaking a different language and they pronounce an English dish wrong then everyone would make fun of them. I can't believe all you got from this video is how she says the Spanish words. I guess no matter what Mexican Americans do we just can't please everyone.

Sara Maldonado says:


Passive Agressive says:

Are people shaming her for making an authentic dish🤔

Bam13 says:

This soup sucked, tasted just like tomato nothing else.

Jamie Moll says:

I've never had tortilla soup before. But now I want to try it so bad; especially with fall in effect.

Barry Daryle says:

Will take heed, exactly what I'm making tonight for supper. 😁 #Indeed #Yummy

A. says:

She’s also missing the chicharrón

Sandra Steward says:

thank you Marcella i make this soup every winter love it with chicken and it's healthy too

BrewerCooker says:

She speaks like a white woman until she says tortilla or queso fdesco or some other mexican word. So annoying!

Dorothy Atchison says:

We Canadians love Mexican food but ingredients are hard to find here … thank you so much for including substitutes … tasty tasty & thanks 💕

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