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Heres my recipe for the most indulgent, cheesy vegan lasagne ever –

#VEGAN100 –
Christmas book –

In todays video I show you how to make #Lasagne !!!

My Lasagne recipe is probably the best my opinion. Rich, creamy, cheesy & indulgent. My vegan lasagne Is very much inspired by a traditional lasagnes which I used to make a lot before going vegan. Making a rich vegan ragu & creamy vegan béchamel sauce its actually better than the lasagne’s I used to make before going vegan. You must try it!! big love @gazoakley

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Music by @danbwilliams


Rachel Whitehead says:

Just made this for dinner and wow it was incredible. There are no words to explain just how good this was, and the recipe was easy to follow and put together. The best dish i have made in a long LONG time. My boyfriend had 4 portions !

Harmony 23 says:

bro…just did my with my girlfriend….. ready to do a tasting evening 🍷… koool!

Hannah MV says:

Your personality, your accent( I’m from the States), and the fact that you’re a man that cooks vegan makes you extremely attractive :D💗

Monika Bonisławska says:

Its just me who noticed that he added zucchini not eggplant, aubergine is purple not green. And how you gonna put it on a plate, if there is no pasta at the bottom? All vegetables from the bottom they will feel off. Usually in lasagne there is at least 3 layers of pasta.

zen valo says:

I just made this last night; it tastes amazing!!!!!!

Sinedstro Cythan says:

This guy's a gem

Chef Keoni says:

Wonderful video! A definite upgrade. So much technique, originality, and clear instruction.

elenanta96 says:

I made it today and it's very good. 🙂 Only thing with me was that I only put half the vegan mince it said (mine was soy mince) and it was still ALOT. Maybe it depends on what kind of mince you have.

l h says:

Great recipe! My 10 year old loved it😊

Cristine Shaylo Marcelo says:

The best lasagna ever! ❤😍🌱

mary Vita says:

Dall’Italia 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏go vegan

RU Listening says:

At a grocer near you.
Yeah….. Right.

Paula Zediu says:

You lost me at the margarine …. god why

Jamala Ridley says:

Coming from America…Looks so good! I will definitely be trying

Cristine Shaylo Marcelo says:

Winner! love it❤🌱

Aaliyah Adams says:

“You’re gonna have bland food. Simple as that” lmao 🤣

Silvana C says:

ok so you're a great chef but i don't appreciate the fact that you added vegan mince, you could have added red lentils for obtaining the same texture, the only skill you taught me right now is that i need the supermarket to create a wholefoods meal which is not true…

christina mack says:

I saw this at first and was uninterested because it looked like animal products then I read the title and was SHOOK I’ll definitely be making this!!!

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danielacdfd says:

I made this a couple of days ago. It turned out AMAZING.

I haven't eaten a lasagna since I went vegan, and I struggled to find a decent recipe. I decided to give this one a try, and OH MY, It was incredible. Tbh I think about it almost every day and how good it was!! Thank you for sharing it with us. (even my flatmate that's not vegan loved it)

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