The Absolute Best Vegan Brownies | Vegan Deluxe

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These vegan deluxe brownies have everything I love about brownies: they’re supremely fudgy, chewy, intensely chocolatey, and have a shiny, crinkly top! I think you will LOVE them.

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Full recipe:
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Chef’s knife:
Dutch process cocoa powder: (see blog post for more brands)
Espresso powder:
8×8″ baking pan:
Digital scale:
Small saucepan:


Instant Pot 6 quart:
Food Processor:
Dutch oven:
Large Cutting Board:
Nonstick frying pan:
Cast iron skillet:
Vitamix blender:
Vitamix 64-ounce container:

All Other Kitchen Equipment:
Film & Photography Equipment:
Key Moments
00:00 The problem with (most) vegan brownies
01:15 Ingredients for vegan brownies
02:11 Why you should use dutch cocoa powder
02:55 Adding the dry ingredients
03:43 The secret to a shiny, crinkly top
04:52 Adding the wet ingredients
05:27 Melting dark chocolate in a double boiler
06:36 Mixing wet and dry ingredients
07:17 Lining the baking pan with parchment paper
07:54 How to tell if the brownies are done
8:44 Taste test!


Rainbow Plant Life says:

Hi, fam! We're thinking of doing more "vegan deluxe" videos where I try to upgrade a standard recipe. Would you like to see more? Any recipe ideas? Drop your thoughts below!

May W says:

Anyone tried a GF version? Thanks

MrLedroxx says:

good vegan brownies are one of the easiest things to find let's not lie

David Siemens says:

Omg! They are soooooo delicious 😍
Thank you so much!!! ❤️

Jayne Mills says:

Hi, I can’t have coffee, what can I replace it with? Thank you

Raquel Champion says:

You are amazing

bikinggal1 says:

so funny…I do a lot of baking…and no one can never tell that's it vegan.

Fai Raies says:

Hahaha your dad is the best!

Strawberry Shortcake says:

is it just me or she looks a lil like kim k? the bone structure ig

Jenn Crawford says:

I’ve made this recipe twice now and omg. I will never make any other brownie recipe! Thank you!

suicune2001 says:

One good thing is there is no egg so no fear about eating it raw. 😀

Damn Tasty Vegan says:

I think you cracked the code. We can all stop writing more vegan brownie recipes now. This looks absolutely delicious!

Nina Rose Gwada says:

love love love the recipe but i never knew sweetness had an age limit ?

Pearlie Grace says:

does anyone know what brand of vegan butter she uses for this

sofiabruder says:

I love your videos

Noora B says:

I made these yesterday and they were amazing. I did make a mistake of adding more chocolate chips on top of the dough before putting it into the oven, they ended up melting and sinking to the middle as a thick chocolate layer which ended up keeping the dough in the middle runny. Next time I’m sticking to only folding the chocolate chips into the dough. The parts that didn’t have the extra chocolate chips on top were p e r f e c t. Edit: I didn’t add the espresso powder (personal preference).

Tejas Viswanathan says:

Your dad got me cracking. Good stuff.

Franky Hendrikx says:

Tried it and loved it!

MAAT 42 says:

Yes! Papa eat these healthy & Delicious brownies..❤️😊😋Thank You For Sharing With Us All…

Philip Correa says:

Are these low in calories? I definitely want to try this

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