Healthy magnum ice cream alternative

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🍌🍫 What about a Healthy magnum nice cream recipe by @wholesomehedonista

Magic Shell
2-4 tbsp chocolate chips of choice
1-2 tsp coconut oil
*make more if needed for jar size

Nice Cream (makes 2)
6 frozen (overnight) bananas or 1 14oz can full fat coconut milk frozen overnight into ice cubes (closer taste to real ice cream)
1-2 tsp vanilla
maple syrup or sweetener of choice to taste (optional, I used about 1/3 cup with the coconut milk cubes)
Pinch salt
*add 2+tbsp nut butter or coconut milk cream (thick creamy part on top of unshaken/chilled can) for optimal creaminess the more the creamier
Up to 1/4 cup almond milk only if needed to help blend (use as little as possible or none if your blender will allow it)
Less liquid=thicker 😊

I filled it with some homemade coconut milk+coconut sugar caramel for some caramel core action 😋

Prepare magic shell by microwaving chocolate chips and coconut oil together in 20-30 second increments (stirring in between) until fully melted.

To make nice cream blend ingredients together in HIGH POWERED blender or food processor until smooth, using tamper or stopping machine to scrape down sides. Use as little liquid as your blender will allow for max thickness! Be careful not to overblend or it’ll get thin. For best results add your coconut cream/nut butter/almond milk first at the bottom to help blades blend everything smoothly. Add almond milk sparingly, and only if needed to help blend.

Transfer nice cream to a jar and quickly pour chocolate mixture over the top. It may freeze right away or you can pop it in the freezer for a few minutes to harden – eat right away though as it will melt quickly!

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