Healthy Vegan Meal Prep 🍴(Soy Free)

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Hey friends! Comin’ atcha with another plant-based meal prep video full of wholesome, easy, and yummy recipes! This one is soy-free, just for the heck of it. Full recipes linked below 🙂

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* Even if you’re working from home now, OR you’re out of a job, OR you don’t have access to all of these ingredients, I still think it can be helpful to meal prep! I originally filmed this video several weeks ago, but again, think it can still serve a purpose. Hopefully it inspires you to get creative in your kitchen, or just find some joy in a simple home cooked meal!

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Jasmine M. says:

How many calories is each dish?

Charlie D says:

Unfortunately I can't use any of these but it's still nice to see content for people with soy allergies like me. I'm currently living off sweet potato, hummus, vegan garlic bread and a tomato hummus soup. I wasn't vegan but since I've been discharged from hospital I just don't want meat, it makes me feel like hell and I find it disgusting. Unfortunately I have sensory processing disorder that limits my diet a lot and most fruit and veg is out of the question.

Agent Sixx says:

White women are so hot

Agent Sixx says:

Nice video, I bet they taste good. You are beautiful and you hear looks great

Ardena Keys says:

Yes I’m new on the vegan looks good

Bailey Shafer says:

Thank you! I’ve been vegan for 6 years and just found out I have a minor soy allergy so I’m trying soy free out for a while to see how I feel. Your video was very helpful💕

Desireé Smith says:

Hey thank you so much for making this! I have a severe allergy to soy and there's virtually no videos/good recipes out there that are soy free

Suz Q says:

I don’t have any poppyseeds but I have some
chia seeds I’m trying to use up. Might try that

My passion My channel says:

Very…nice…new friend here…v have done…pls watch and join us too…Thanks

Emily Weinstein says:

I just discovered your channel and I am inspired. I have begun my journey into vegetarianism and hope to eventually transition to vegan. Love the meal prep videos and recipe ideas. Thank you!!

Lynn Lazenby-Faulkner says:

Your stuff is so simple and delicious. I am so happy to see some vegan recipes without soy. Thanks!!!

rakelg says:

all these meals look so yum! I love white beans in red sauce yummm

Renaissance Light says:

Does anyone know what tahini dressing tastes like. I researched a little bit and some articles say it has a nutty flavor. I'm curious because I really dislike peanut butter and I hope it doesn't taste like that.

nitsan says:

Why is this all soy-free ? Is there a problem with soy?

Alexis Salada says:

I think this will be my meal prep for next week – thanks ☺️

Jay M says:

I thought the veggies were supposed to be roasted stove top 😝

Every Healthy Bite says:

That kale salad! So colorful and healthy 🙂 I wish I had more fresh veggies in my fridge

Emily Durham says:

can you do meal prep you can freeze? you always have such good ideas ❤

Hannah Kate says:

Thank you for doing this! I tried going completely vegan in January and found out that soy is actually a big migraine trigger for me… and I was consuming lots of tofu, tempeh, soy-based cheese substitutes, etc. I went back to vegetarian (eating local farm eggs) for protein but I'm still trying to do more research to transition back to full vegan while being soy free. I'd love more videos on soy free vegan diets!!

Coco kay says:

hi thanks do u have easy lockdown recipes that's economical

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