What I Eat In a Day: Easy Vegan Summer Meals!

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Here’s all of the yummy vegan food I ate on a casual summer day! All relevant recipes will be linked below, and I’d love to hear some of YOUR favorite summer foods in the comments! 🙂
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• FYI, Mamma Mia 2 was ooook….but I only went because I had a free month with Movie Pass lol

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sahara simpson says:

Lol she’s so healthy it’s scary

Maegan and Tyler says:

All these look so good! My boyfriend and I just started a Vegan YouTube channel where we're documenting our experience of being vegan through cooking, reviews, challenges and more! Check it out 💛🌞✨

olivia1910 says:

omg the little separate container for the single piece of chocolate ahaha you're so cute !

Eindrew9 says:

Oh my, that was one thic eggplant

annoyed says:

this is a joke, right?

bella codd says:

you took a whole box of cherry’s and a single chocolate to the movies?

Les Bradley says:

Great video

Blue Lotus says:

It's a perfect illustraton of my eating style in summer: fruit for breakfast and half raw/half cooked lunch and dinner (lots of greens included).

Aloha Sisters says:

Thanks for all of the inspiration 👍👍👍

CandyApple Momo says:

Love everything about this definitely gonna try it

Revarunan says:

Just watching the food you make is super satisfying I cannot say how much. Amazing work!

Easy and Healthy Meals says:

Wow! Amazing meals! Thanks for this video!

Kady Lee says:

You just don’t understand you like my Bestfriend in my head 😂😂😂❤️

Patricia Adams says:

How many calories are in the last salad bowl, that you made? And is it good for weight loss?

polubox says:

Watermelon? And chili powder? Ummmm…..

Artonique Hodges says:

i need to come up with a recipe for vegan popcorn because that was one of my favorites! i just went vegan three days ago…


It's very confusing vegan and vegetarian. I watch some videos same vegan but they eat meat. I trying been between 😭

Jas Hobbs says:

Can you do a video on how to store leafy greens without a fridge? I have very small tiny tiny fridge

Rena Farlow says:

Omg that last bowl is my go-to « idk what to make » dinner

Kristen Kerr says:

Omg it all looks so good but I was dying at the one piece of chocolate 🍫!

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