Easy Cheap Syn Free Vegetarian Slimming World Friendly Meal

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This is a quick, easy, vegetarian meal which is syn-free on the Slimming World plan, if you use your Healthy Extra A to pop some cheese on the top.


Greig Cahill says:

Great video. Thank you.

Adam Ó hUiscín says:

More vegetarian meals please ive been vegetarian for two months and enjoying very much but lost when it comes to dinners

danni says:

Hi Tess, I know this video was posted a long time ago but just want to say thank you and it was delicious. The mushrooms were amazing, like u I love mushrooms but have never cooked them in oxo before. I would also like to say a big thank you for posting ur videos I absolutely love watching them and they have helped me so much. I think ur such a lovely lady. THANK YOU ♥ xx

Jennifer Steadman says:

Dont know it you realised, but Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce isnt vegetarian, it has anchovy in it. I use Sarsons Browning sauce instead which is veggie. Great recipe though. Thank you. XX

Best Friends World says:

Joining my first SW class this Wed and been researching foods as a vegetarian 😮 you have given me hope! That looks so yummy I was drooling watching it he he 😀

Quiet Madness says:

I’m so glad I’ve found you. I’m in America 🇺🇸 and looking for SW meal prep. Awesome inspiration! New sub here. 😊
Be well, ~~QM

Claire Gibbs says:

Not sure if you know Tess but Worcester sauce isn't vegetarian, it has anchovies in it 🙂

Joan McKee says:

Looks delicious, never thought of cooking mushrooms in oxo cube. I waste syns by cooking them in butter! Changing to your tip! Thanks jx

Mary G says:

Hi Tess I subscribe 2trimwithtan &Gemna sw who both recommended ur channel and the 1st thing I'v came across is u cooking these quorn meatless balls… I dont know how many times iv had them in n out of my trolley lol thank you for sharing ur recipe, they'll b on my plate tomorrow can't wait 2 start munching xxx

Vicky's World says:

Looks good I love the quorn balls they are so nice. I need to try those mushrooms xx

dee atkinson says:

Thank you so very much. That looks absolutely delicious… This is one I will be trying . I've never tried the quorn balls but next time I'm shopping I will get some. Thanks again I really appreciate any ideas as I'm not the best of cook lol. Xxx

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