Top 10 Most Popular Traditional British Foods

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Top 10 Most Popular Traditional British Foods

Most people will describe British foods as bland and stodgy.
I’ve managed to adapt and acquired the taste of actually liking traditional British food.
I’ve narrowed down the top 10 that you should try when you visit the United Kingdom! A lot of these dishes are traditional “pub foods” that you’d find on practically every pub’s menu in any city in the UK.

1. Cream Tea
2. Fish and Chips
3. Roast Dinner
4. English Breakfast
5. Faggots
6. Cottage Pie
7. Cornish Pasty
8. Pigs in Blanket
9. Bangers and Mash
10. Trifle

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Ameya Sohoni says:

This is the saddest compilation on Youtube

tribefenatic says:

sorry but this type makes me sick, i'd rather stick with eating turkish and african food

Evets Nitram says:

What about the traditional vegetarian cuisine?

Сайора Сайора 123456 says:

British accent is difficult

Nathan York says:

Wtf even is this tea time is usually 2 till 4 who even does that 😂

Vicky Taylor says:

Since when do you get hash browns in a proper English breakfast? The pigs in blankets shown was the American version not the English version.

Lexu Inosirg says:

How poor 🇬🇧👎

Hugh Mackey says:

Spot on (target dead centre) well done👍

Colin Moore says:

Talks about pigs in blankets, shows Sausage rolls!

Colin Moore says:

I didn't know computers had taste buds.

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