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I hope you get an idea to enjoy vegan Japanese food 💕
Full and More Videos are HERE:

I am not a vegan (and many Japanese people here are not), so I understand it is difficult to find vegan Japanese food recipes.


Dashi is a Japanese soup stock used for many dishes. Kombu Dashi (Kelp Broth) is a Vegan option. It includes only water and dried kelp. The easiest and fastest you can make is by mixing hot water and kelp Dashi powder sold at most Japanese grocery stores or maybe online!

Miso is not only for the soup but can be used to add tasty flavor to the dishes. Please get Miso without Dashi.

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Kyung-hee PARK says:

I’ve been loving all these series of videos including this vegetarian video! It is such a good chance to catch up the videos that I haven’t watched before, and learn so many great recipes in one themed video. I’m looking forward to having the next one, thank you!

shinysunlight says:

Love this. But a millionth times vegan people: pasta is not vegan. It is made with flour eggs salt and water. The only pasta that has no egg is rice glass noodles. Stop misinforming the people.

Navy Bratz says:

Where do you find the vegan cashew cheese. I am in Japan and that seems to be the hardest part.

Lakshmanan Kannan says:

Kindly add ingredients names , preparation, measurements in english language?

C. C. says:

thank you for this video! 💖

Sheri Soltes says:

I’m going to try the tomato rice today!

Claudia Silva says:

Everything looks so delicious. I love the pasta with miso idea it looks WOW
Thanks for posting vegan recipes !

ぱおぱおぱうろ says:


Ceylon Delicacy says:

Vegetarian food recipes 👌🤩

Club Sanjuichi says:

What a lovely video! These are great recipes. Thank you for sharing!

Lakshmanan Kannan says:

Japanese mixie price in Indian rupees

The Fat Vegan says:

How is bolognese sauce Japanese?

Terrence Rajkumar says:

Can you please bring the recipe of Nori sheet

N V says:

Japanese people take care of presentation of food 🍴🍕🍔 , very nice habit, everyone likes Japan for anime 🙂but I like because Japanese people are best 💯👍

Ayush Shrivastav says:

So i wanted to taste some good japaness food and here I'm .

With love, from India.

karunakar pradhan says:

I r talking about vegan food nd using olive oil… This is wrong. So I dislike u.

tang sharon says:

Thanks for sharing lovely Japanese vegetarian recipes.

G STAR GaMiNg. says:

Did you know I am indian😄 but i like japan and japanes food and buddhist is in hindu it is part of hindus

Libbi Moran says:

I feel threatened whenever I see 'OK'

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