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Vegetarian family grocery haul & meat free meal plan! December 2020!

► Quorn Lasagne

►Mediterranean Veg Gnocchi With Basil

►Leek and mushroom pie –

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Hi I’m Alex! I started writing a blog back in 2013 as a way to capture my thoughts, feelings and emotions as I married my childhood sweetheart and we had our first child. I’m now a Mum of two little boys (Ethan & Logan) and I’ve continued writing, photographing and videoing ever since as a way to remember all of the little details that make up this amazing journey of Motherhood.


Amy West says:

The new vegan pukka pies are really good! There is a chicken and mushroom and a mince and onion xx

tina spencer says:

Unfortunately I can't send you a link to what I use for veggie inspiration as it's my sister 😂😂 she is an amazing cook but she doesn't follow recipies. She is the only vegetarian in her house, her hubby and two older boys all eat meat and she will cook meat for them, but they will also eat veggie if it's a meal that she is cooking for everyone like a chilli, lasagne or curry. Even when people come over for meals, obviously not happening at the moment, they are shocked when at the end of the meal they ask "I thought you were vegetarian, how come you ate the same meaty meal?" And she replies "I am a vegetarian, and so were you tonight!" 😂😂

Simply the Smiths says:

Your videos are so enjoyable. has nice veggie recipes. I do weekly what's for dinner videos that have veggies meals too 🙂

Laura Beardmore says:

We've been trying some recipes recently from, the cheesy lentil burgers are yummy!

Helen M says:

Hi Alex, I just wanted to pop a comment to say how incredibly happy I am to see you spreading awareness about eating vegetarian. I myself have recently transitioned to a meat free diet because of the health implications of eating meat and also how the industrial meat industry is now one of the worse things for the environment in the world. It also makes me very happy knowing I'm not paying for animals to be killed and be kept in the torturous conditions that they are. So thank you so much hun 🥰 I've also learnt alot in the process about how bad for us dairy is with it being scienfically proven to cause cancer/destroy the gut/promote antibiotic resistance, I think it's very hard to give it up completely, but would love to see you maybe buying some oat milk to try out for cereal? It tastes great 😃 Also Alpro do an amazing drink called My Cuppa which works so well in tea 😊 that's what I use now. Sending you lots of love and thanks for posting about this positive eating 🥰💚 xxx

Hannah Saint says:

Hi Alex, healthy living James is good for vegan recipes for curries and so many alternatives. Also as you now make the bean melts what you could do as you have fussy eaters is make your own baked beans. With haricot or butter beans and emily Norris has a fussy eater tomato sauce with lots of hidden veggies xx

Jacqui George says:

I'm with you on pies….just wish supermarkets could get some pies with lots of veg in them rather than huge soya chunks that don't taste of anything! I usually make my own macaroni ones as our Baker sells the cases and freeze well. Great video x

adeena Anwar says:

Love your videos

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