CLASSIC VEGAN MEATLOAF 💖 Finally the flavor you've been craving!

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This classic vegan meatloaf has been in the works here in our test kitchen for months. Using whole food ingredients to get that “meaty” texture has proven to be an interesting challenge. This meatloaf sets up with just the right firmness, texture, and smoky-tomato flavors reminiscent of the classic meatloaf you probably grew up with, but has all the amazing benefits of being fully whole food plant-based, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and refined oil-free. I hope you enjoy every bite and know that the leftovers taste even better the next day!

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Penny Roehrer says:

Thank you for this recipe — I've had others but this is the best!!! It slices and stays together. I try to only have gluten when eating sourdough bread and this meatloaf makes a great sandwich and using the topping as a ketchup — terrific!

Marilyn marilyn says:

I’m definitely goin to try your recipe, since I been looking to find plant based foods Thankyou so much for this recipe

CrankieManx says:

Yummy I can imagine this with some roasted veg & a side salad .I wonder what it would be like in a sandwich…Im definitely going to give this a go.thank you for sharing another great recipe .

GWINE says:

Why do vegans, who do not eat meat or any animal products, keep using terms like meatloaf?

CKsongwriter says:

This looks great! Do you think substituting oats for the Quinoa would work, as well?

Judy Swiderski says:

Is it a 350 oven?

Margarita Fagundo says:

I love your outfit

Sophie Hawkins says:

"they'd pretty much eat anything I made for them". I'd eat anything you made for me too! Some of the best inventive vegan recipes online!

Jim Soloway says:

We made it tonight and it worked really well. Thanks.

Crystal Kilby says:

Years ago I had meatloaf made with walnuts

Cheryl Ellis says:

What brand is your food processor

Traci Lee Casey-Rocillo says:

Can I make this vegan meatloaf without mushrooms, since My brother is allergic to mushrooms? Please email Me the answer at Thank You for all You do and thank You for Your cooking show.

Michael Ullman says:

Nice presentation Ms. Vegan.

Mary Amory says:

Thank you for making it gf. I have Celiac’s.
I just purchased your cookbook. Can’t wait to try the recipes.

Izzynbuddy says:

Can I use something besides mushrooms? I dislike them.

greenboro maryland says:

you put so love into this bought tears to my eyes……………………………

emad fakhoury says:

Have you ever tried chickpeas flour ?, it works great as a binding agent.

Cindy S says:

Can you just use water to Steam the Onions, Celery and Garlic? I don't like to use Mushrooms.

Danette lee Packer says:

What can I use in place of flax? I can't use flax because of my IBS.

Laura Valenzuela says:

Can the black beans be subbed with lentils??

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