What I Ate: Yummy Vegan Meals πŸ˜‹

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Here’s all of the yummy vegan food I ate and enjoyed on a cozy fall day! Click here http://bit.ly/nativecaitlin and use code caitlin20 to save 20% off your first BYO Deodorant pack

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Stephanie Mueller says:

Team Pumpkin πŸŽƒ but his cereal would probably taste good too

Stacey Fongeallaz says:

Berry! I have always hated pumpkin.

Plant Based Mom says:

I love native!! The eucalyptus is amazing !

Lindsay S says:

i love the native deodorants. the vanilla is very good

Kathy Osullivan says:

I don’t have an instant pot can I use a soup pot or crockpot? komarathoner@yahoo.com (Kathy)

Dayna McCarthy says:

love the berry cheetah chomps!! its like fruit loops πŸ˜‹

Madeline King says:

omg, where are your plates from? so cute. great video! xo

Jo Midkiff says:

Lol, I just spent 36 hours traveling and definitely am stinky so I had to give em a sniff and my left smells worse, too. Weird πŸ˜‰

A C says:

You look so tired, are you okay?

Amy Shaw says:

Team berry blast

Frank Aiden says:

your left armpit smells more because you sweat more there; because you have a major artery that runs through that arm and not the other, so it gets warmer (side note; it's the same artery that runs into your left ring finger, which is why it's traditional to wear wedding rings on that finger, because it goes straight to your heart)

elizabeth says:

I literally have a books worth of notes on my phone that are just meal ideas to inspire me πŸ˜„a lot of them come from your videos!

Alexandra Largu says:

My right arm pit stinks. It smells like a sweaty man. So I named it Brad. You know….Brad Pit….😁

Lisa de Vries says:

You remind me of Billie Eilish 😊

Lisa de Vries says:

For anyone who lives in the netherlands and wants to find a natural deodorant: I recommend the brand "lekker in een potje". It's a little tin jar, so you'll have to put it on with your fingers, which always sounds a little yucky, but if you just do it in the morning after having showered etc. it's absolutely fine. I was kind of sceptical when I bought it, but it works really well on me, I haven't smelled bad once while wearing this, and I only put it on in the morning! (so at least for me, it lasts all day). It is quite pricey (€7,50), but it does last a long time! I've been using this first jar for two months now, and it's still not empty. Hope this helps someone πŸ™‚

Non Available says:

If your left armpit stinks while the right doesn't , it most likey means you're a Lefty ( Liberal)….a Stinking Lefty ( Stinking Liberal or DemocratπŸ˜†) to be more accurate !! .
Now if it was the other way around : and it was your right armpit that stinks while your left doesn't : then most likely you are a Stinking Conservative in Canada or a Stinking Republican if you live in the U.S

n00neynight9 says:

Totally team pumpkin cereal!
Gonna have to smell my arm pits after working out tomorrow πŸ˜€

Kayla Hood says:

Those deodorants suck…. I wanted them to work so bad. 😭

thealiceftw says:

Did you get satisfied on that small quesadilla?

melanie putman says:

I like watching you and Dylan hang out πŸ™‚

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