Mexican Vegan Menudo Recipe

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A Mexican classic soup recipe gets a scrumptious vegan makeover! Amigos this vegan menudo tastes similar to the classic version but without any animal products. It’s so delicious that even those that enjoy classic menudo will devour this vegan version.


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Elsa&lisa says:

Just what I was looking for! Love the idea of using oyster mushrooms instead of tripe.

Mohammed Babaki says:

Thanks for this great video, I bet lions mane mushrooms could actually recreate the texture of the honeycomb tripe (I actually miss the texture 😹)

World Time Line Channel says:

I can't wait to make this.

Cris R says:

Tripe is the bestttt part for me but I’m tryna go as low calorie possible

Ezra Daiquiri says:

I honestly loved those chunks of pig innards, but now I realize its actually not optimal for health to eat animals, and I enjoy the taste of plants more now, which makes sense, cause it was always plants that flavored the animal flesh on my plate anyway. Now I am for animal rights, meaning I don't exploit, rape, torture, or murder animals the way we did to black people, or the way we do to many asian and other people today. And by "we" I mean everyone. Watch Dominion, narrated in part by Joaquin Phoenix, if you think you can handle the truth. Watch The Game Changers if you think being vegan is difficult or will lead to deficiencies. If you're scared about global warming, practice desertification instead of buying into al gore and gretta thunberg global tax propaganda. ✌🌱🐾

Amy Delgado says:

Thank goodness! I knew I could make this without gross stomach intestines lol

Melissa Knox says:

I can't wait to try this recipe this coming winter!

VintageJudie says:

Bouta cook this in 102 degree heat tomorrow 😄 like my abuelita always making caldo when it's hot 😂

Joe Trades says:

Well I hope your happy now, you made me hungry. That looks amazing!

Brits Spicy Life says:

I make this with hearts of palm but I never thought to use mushroom! Great idea! They are the meatiest vegetable so this is a perfect fit!

Janette Saldana says:

This recipe is on 🔥🔥🔥

Jose Pacheco says:

Just found your channel loving it menudo is my favorite plate so me beginning the vegan thing its awesome to see another option to eat menudo without the meat

cat knitt says:

Add snow fungus…mimics look but not taste of tripe

Splooie '10 says:

Just subbed after seeing this, ready to look forward to some Meatless Mondays or even more meatless days throughout the new year!

Jesus Ayala says:

Nice I'm trying to transition into a vegetarian/vegan life style and us Mexicans cook delicious foods pero como pega el gastritis 😥😂😂 def going to try this

Enrique Rick Ramirez says:

Omg Vegans Are Delightful Earthlings #VGANG

Elena Pina says:


Naturally Eclectic says:

I live in nm and ate this weekly before going vegan. So excited to finally see a vegan version I can have and enjoy. 😃

Mrs. Ramos says:

Thanks for this amazing recipe. I love how you made it vegan. I never ate menudo in my life it smelled and looks so disgusting!

November Moon says:

When should I add the hominy?
This looks amazing!! 👍👍

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