Putting Vegan Breakfast Sausage to the Test | Honest Review

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Today we are taste testing 7 different vegan breakfast sausages and giving you an honest review! Here goes nothing…Watch our other taste tests here: http://bit.ly/SSV-Taste-Test-Playlist

– (1:43) The Meatless Farm Co. Meatless Sausage (12 Links/$6.99) – https://meatlessfarm.com/us/our-products/plant-based-breakfast-sausage-links/
– (3:29) Gardein Breakfast Saus’age Patties (6 Patties/$4.79): https://www.gardein.com/beefless-and-porkless/classics/original-breakfast-sausage-patties
– (5:29) Hilary’s Apple Maple Breakfast Sausage (4 Patties/$3.49): https://hilaryseatwell.com/products/apple-maple-veggie-sausage
– (7:30) Field Roast Apple Maple Breakfast Sausage (12 Links/1$5.39): https://fieldroast.com/product/apple-maple-breakfast-sausage/
– (8:44) Beyond Meat Beyond Breakfast Sausage (6 Patties/$5.49): https://www.beyondmeat.com/products/beyond-breakfast-sausage-spicy/
– (10:43) 365 Meatless Plant-Based Breakfast Patties ( Patties/$3.99)
– (13:35) Pure Farmland Plant-Based Breakfast Patties (4 Patties/$5.38): https://pure-farmland.com/products/pure-farmland-breakfast-patties/

– Watch our other taste tests here: http://bit.ly/SSV-Taste-Test-Playlist

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Hi, we’re Jasmine and Chris! Each week we share a new video with vegan recipes, cooking challenges and lifestyle content about our life as a vegan couple in the PNW. We invite you to join us in making the world a sweeter place!

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Caitlin Coon says:

I hate beyond’s flavoring in their burgers. It tastes nasty to me and I can’t get past it…like fake hickory or something. Someone help me 😔

Gardein is always my number one! So good in a sammie!

Jasmeane Perez says:

Ohhh my gosh! Yes! I thought it was just me, but Pure Farmland smells and tastes exactly like chocolate! My boyfriend that I was making brownies when I cooked these. I thought it was just me. Haha.

J Girl says:

What do you guys do with the leftovers? Do you just have to eat breakfast sausage for 3 days now? Lol

Hope Widle says:

I know I’m super late here but the Lightlife Gimme Lean Sausage is my favorite. It’s pretty messy to prepare but has such amazing flavor. I’m surprised that one isn’t in this video.

Anna K says:

Before I went vegan, I would eat Morning Star Sausage patties in both original and maple flavor. They tasted equally as great. It's the standard that I use for how a breakfast sausage should taste. Then as a vegan I would eat the lightlife sausage in the roll. I love that one because you could squeeze off the amount you want and make the pattie as thin as you want. The part I don't like about lightlife is that it's a lot of sausage that you should finish before the expiration date, because it's not frozen. I didn't enjoy the fieldroast links at all. They tasted too much like Italian sausage with those long seeds in them.

Tony D says:

Love that the 365 ones only have 1 gram of fat per patty

Thomas Raven says:

I've tried so many of these and the best tasting is the Morningstar Farms, but they're still making those with eggs. Ugh. If Morningstar would just ditch the eggs, they'd win hands down. The Beyond is just too greasy.

Cindy P. says:

I agree the Beyond breakfast patties are my go to with the Gardein patties as second. 👍

Jeff Gammons says:

Course we love hearing you guys talk! That’s why we enjoy and anxiously look forward to your content!

Simple To Gourmet Vegan says:

I hated the Beyond Meat one. It had a weird wet texture inside and also murdered my stomach just like their burgers and ground do. I take their Italian Sausage and remove the skin under warm water and form the inside into patties, adding sage and spices and then pan sear them. They are the tastiest sausages in my opinion.

Jos Ryder says:

Beyond Meat hands down has the best breakfast sausage to me, then Gardein then Field Roast. Non vegans would TEAR Beyond Meat up lol

Danielle please save the humans says:

Beyond breakfast sausage is by far the best… pure is horrible it taste like a dusty box🤣 they tried hard to make them look like meat and forgot about flavor.

Ashley says:

I wish non-vegans would review this stuff :(. Trying to give these to a meat eater to cut down on meat consumption

Mark Sibul BuhayOFW says:

Hi Sweet Simple Vegan, Done for subscribe and like to your Vlog, Pls subscribe to vlog to @ #BuhayOFW #MarkSibul

joseph frank says:

I like the Beyond breakfest sausage links they have now they are like little sizzlers.

Aileen Carrera says:

I have the Beyond one in my freezer. Also the spicy. I bought it before watching this video, but I'm so glad it ranked high. I'm so pumped to try it later :)) I've also tried the field roast ones. They were the first vegan meat alternative i tried going vegan. I did like it, but since I'm the only vegan in my house, I had to eat them all. The more I ate, the less I liked them. I would definitely not get them again or recommend. They're okay, I'd rate them 2-2.5/5

Sam Victores says:

the pure brand has AMAZING meatballs with vegan cheese in them. I really recommend!!

Sam Victores says:

i hate ketchup& every time chris questions jasmines love for it i relate so hard😭

Bee_u_tifulvegan says:

I tried the pure farmland maple n I hated it but the original flavor is really good

Ms Kym says:

I love your furry sausage she had in her arms! 😄. My first fur baby almost look the same.

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