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Here is a peek into some of the staple recipes I make every week, just an example of what makes my body feel good! I mostly crave savory veggie and nutrient dense meals over sweet ones. These are just ideas, always listen to your own bodies guidance first!

I have been meditating deeper before and after every meal, taking deep breaths into my tummy and checking in with my energetic state before eating, Also continuing to bring awareness to what things digest easiest in my body. A lot of days I eat really simple whole foods but every now and then I crave nostalgic meals too! Allowing myself to enjoy foods I crave is definitely an important part of my healing right now while making my body still feels good after.

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Dinner recipe:
My last recipe video:

0:00 – 0:58 Affirmations
0:59 – 1:38 Intro
1:38 – 2:41 Breakfast
2:42 – 4:45 Lunch
4:46 – 5:32 Cacao Snack
5:34 – 7:32 Dinner
7:33 – 14:18 Healing Old Patterns


Elena M says:

Hitomi truly is such a blessing, like how tf izzz you real ? like your soul real pretty, the way your energy radiates and pours out through the screen and is felt is truly magical like fuuuuck💗✨💗✨💗

Lauren Brewer says:

As a disabled viewer I would just like to say even if your body is not fully functioning, or not functioning in the ways you want it to or think it should, it's still important to celebrate all your body does do for you. When your body isn't doing what it should it can make it hard to not feel at odds with your body but it's important to remember your body is still doing its best and to be patient and kind to ourselves. Your body is still good and worthy of your love or (if you can't manage love) respect even when it's not fully functioning!

Iya Bracamonte says:

You don't know how much I needed the body relationship talk. Thank you. I needed that.

Stand For Something Positive says:

I need you as a Best Friend! I'm searching for my tribe because those I thought were my tribe were not. Filled with nothing but criticism, gaslighting, and judgment. 🙏🏾❤

Tearne Saunders says:

I was so excited about that cauliflower recipe but it wasn’t great 😬

MiguelAngel Jimenez says:

The recipe for the sauerkraut or kimchi you are using please?? Love your videos 🙂

Tin Bernas says:

the highlight of my day is watching hitomi’s new video

5015 TN says:

Thank you for the food affirmations ✨❤️ so kind

Margarita Camilla Delos Santos says:

Hi Hitomi I love your hat, Where did you get it?

marianna says:

Your pronunciation of Açaí is perfect!!! And I say that as someone who's always lowkey annoyed at how people don't even bother trying to pronounce it correctly.

Sustain Life says:

This all looks so yummy and balanced. You are a great consistent role model for the plant based community!

faith clark says:

I say this with so much love and gratitude. I appreciate your giving the world the space to hold such wonderful vulnerability. When you spoke about sisterhood I started to breakdown. For so long I have tried to create and embrace a community full of empowering relationships, sisterhood, and all whole parts of friendships. I tried creating a healing womb circle and the one person I thought was my friend ignored me when I asked them to join it, which is fine but I don't have anyone else to ask which I think is what makes it hurt. I am a junior in college and never foresaw life to be like this. For so long, I have been alone on this journey and have craved acceptance and love along my path. But anytime I let people into my life, they take what they want then leave. I have no friends or people to talk to other than my therapist whom I pay and my ex. I am so tired of not having anyone to share authentic conversations with. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life and don't want to focus on the lack but I just wanted to say, I excitingly pull up your videos on my Friday and Saturday nights and now during week nights since it is summer as my socialization. Even though you do not know me, I have considered your energy, words, and authenticity as the sisterhood I have always craved since you started making your videos. You are truly such an incredible being of light and anyone who has the privilege to be in your life should be so honored. Thank you for helping me feel like I had a friend on the weekends and for helping so many people.

bri lol says:

Hey Hitomi, I don’t know if you’ll see this but is there any way you can do a video on how you dealt with your anxiety/intrusive thoughts etc etc? 💞

airo abebe says:

i’m extremely grateful for you sharing your binge journey and how you’re healing yourself with us. it’s been helping me treat myself like i’m loved

rowena g says:

Love your videos!! Every time I watch them I feel clarity, safe, supported and inspired. Thank you!! 💕

Natalia Hernandez Pardo says:

hiiii 🙂 just made my first YouTube video and its a Paris vlog <3333 would love if you could check it out xx Hitomi thank you for the beautiful video !!

Witch of the Woods says:

you did not pronounce it wrong! it's pronounced exactly like you said, of course with a little bit of a cute accent hehe 🤍 those meals looks so delicious!

Va Lentina says:

I love your recipes, they're so simple and easy to make.

A. Mya says:

Who dislikes Hitomis videos? Smh

xiaozhi Wu says:

Nice content … ilove you miss hitomi

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