A Week of Vegan Dinners

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Perda De Peso Dietitian says:

I really want to hit 20000, I�ll appreciate any suppor

Perda De Peso Dietitian says:

My dream is to get the silver play button

conversequeen64 says:

I love vegan chicken strips but got food poisoning from them once and now I'm terrified 🙁 Any tips on what else could go in that Indian curry?

Island Girl Ruby says:

I want to be vegan but it seems carb heavy, also, I can't have gluten or soy.

Island Girl Ruby says:

Do you have a link for the pickled ginger

Ninja Nerd Student #69 says:

I like that you choose a variety of cultural dishes because American vegan food sucks horribly. I hate that you still prepare and eat faux meat because faux meat is just as disgusting as real meat; I'm referring to the faux chicken. It's a good thing you're cute.

Ava Monroe says:

Omg!!!! Everything looks soooooo goooooooood!!!!!!! I have to try these recipes!!! So glad to know about the naan bread from Trader Joe’s.

J Be says:

chicken isnt vegen

Natalie Odisho says:

The 'random dinner' looks delicious!

Courtney Elizabeth says:

If you don’t want your coconut milk to curdle don’t let it boil,

ann f says:

I’m not vegan anymore but I still enjoy eating vegan meals when I can and these all look really good! Totally got me inspired to make a Thai curry….

Belinda says:

New vegan here and your videos are so so helpful! I love how you use leftovers and create a whole other dish. My creativity is definitely lacking with leftovers and I have containers over containers of leftovers in the fridge. Keep them coming girl you are an inspiration!

Robin Luger says:

You are amazingly creative and talented in your cooking!!!

Queen Toshe says:

Hell ya we enjoyed this video!! Very insipring!!

Brenda Espinoza says:

What kind of pan do you use ,, the brand ,,,

Stephanie S says:

Just found you and subscribed! This all looks so amazing, you are a really creative chef thanks so much for sharing! I've been especially craving sushi since quitting the animal products and I'm definitely trying this out sooooon!! 😊

Ani Gelashvili says:

OMG vegan chiken 😀 😀

Transamgirl says:

you're right about the 🍣 sushi, it is better to spread the rice super thin, it will ALWAYS be enough for your roll unless u have like, one ingredient. the ridiculously large sushi takes away from the experience…God it looks so good, and yes, Indian food, and ANY food with lots of fresh spices, just infuse and make the dish way more powerful and impressive

flymomc says:

Hi Sarah, where you you purchase your red/green curry sauce/paste? I am really enjoying your channel,

Nihan Y says:

If you roast the ochras in the oven they don't get slimey. And don't cut them. Cutting ochras makes them more slimey. Love your channel.

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