EASY Vegan Enchiladas with Salsa Verde

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Today we’re making enchiladas! These are vegan enchiladas are stuffed with a spinach and mushroom filling, then smothered in a homemade salsa verde. You can also swap out the filling for other veggies, or use red enchilada sauce instead of green! Full recipes linked below.

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Nalini Ganguly says:

I love the way you did this but I prefer roasting the tomatillos before blending . The taste is great. Thank you.

Hippie Homesteader Wannabe says:

Very interesting. I made some salsa verde from green tomatoes at the end of the summer and now I'm doing Veganuary. So I am going to probably adapt your recipe and fill my enchiladas with some rehydrated, seasoned TVP. Btw, my first job was in a Mexican restaurant, too, over 40 years ago, lol. We dipped the tortillas into the deep fryer to soften them when we made enchiladas. Thanks for the great tip on microwaving them to soften them!

Teresa Latiolais says:

I roast my vege for salsa verde

Sonja Lee says:

Fabulous fabulous thanks for your help!!!!

Magdalena says:

Tofu scramble is a great filling for enchiladas fyi

Veronica Ortiz says:

These look great, thank you for sharing this recipe. I look forward to trying it.😊

Drashti Patel says:

You know there’s another Caitlin Shoemaker on the Vegan View? Your face surprised me!

shit lista says:

How long can you store salsa for? I rarely have access to tomatillos so I am thinking about freezing because these enchiladas look BOMB

Denise Flores says:

Is the salsa spicy at all?

Rubia Family says:

Looks good and yummy enchiladas

Karen Teel says:

Have you ever tried roasting the tomatillos and peppers before you blend them? That’s the way my mom always made them while I was growing up. It takes the same amount of time as boiling but tastes waaay better!😋

Hayde nada says:

My grandma' (from a town called Macuiltianguis, Oaxaca, Mex) makes salsa verde pretty close to what Cathleen showed in her video , I was very surprised by that. Of course the salsa is very tasty

Alyssa Annabel says:

Great recipe.

J.L. Baptist says:

Made this recipe today, it was so delicious and flavorful!! Thank you for sharing, can’t wait to try more recipes! I added some cashew cheese on top of mine after taking it out of the oven—Bomb! 😋

Katie Rambo says:

can we get the charred pepper margarita recipe too 🤩

Laura M says:

Your eyebrows are so on point in this video 🙂

Kathryn Oei says:

rly liked how you talked about the mexican/tex-mex differences hehe it'll be cool to learn more about traditional foods!!

Sarah Harms says:

Making this today!!’


wow these looks really good…really good video! thank you the filling looks so good omg after these video i am getting hungry stay safe everyone

Liese Ulm says:

Looks so tasty!!
But tomatillos are not a variety of tomatoes. They are related to cape gooseberries. 🙂

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