Top 10 Terrible and Bizarre Cult Classics

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Some films are great, some not so much, and some suck so bad that they get their own documentary, society, and theatrical production. The following is a list of movies that were terrible ideas to start with, were executed poorly, and have since gone on to not only be appreciated by the masses, but loved more than any earnest art house picture ever could. Unless that art house film featured vegetarian goblins.

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10. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
9. Robot Monster
8. Mystery of the Leaping Fish
7. Eegah
6. Monster A Go-Go
5. Starcrash
4. Mac and Me
3. Plan 9 From Outer Space
2. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats
1. Troll 2

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LilFoxyCosplay says:

I hated death bed I was so bored 😂😂

Stephen Engstrom says:

Troll 2 is a messterpice.

Martin Baxter says:

(puffs up with pride)

I. Own. ALL. Of. These.

(turns full circle, drinking in adulation of masses)

And, one quote from 'Star Crash' which must be posted…

'You know, my son, I wouldn't be Emperor of the Galaxy if I didn't have some powers at my disposal. Imperial Battleship, halt the flow of time!' (Classic.)

Leech Miller says:

I think Troll 2 is on Netflix, UK.

Mike G says:

Bad movies are always better with the guys at the bottom of the screen.

Avatar610 says:

What?  No "Valley of the Dolls"?

Brian Crawford says:

I watched Troll 2, and I barely survived. It was on either HBO or Cinemax, and they absolutely kept showing it for weeks. It was a plague on my television, and the appearance of the trolls was just stomach churning, even though the effects weren't very special. I kept wondering why nobody would just mow them down with an assault rifle.

Oberon921 says:

I feel sorry for all the film students without testicles to give.

CityinFlames says:

False Trolls 2 is EVERYWHERE online. Just watched it off Tubi an bunch of other free ideo services like Hulu.

Eddie Lew says:

Queen of Outer Spacd!!!!!!!!

Nicholas Farrell says:

No "Surf Nazis Must Die"?


Atypical says:

I've always loved Starcrash!

Casey Strange says:

Ummmmm where is SHARKNADO!!!!!!!!??????

SocioComm says:

Simon has such a classy taste in fashion. He's over here making baldness look sexy, rocking those glasses and always have the most perfectly trimmed facial hair. Now he's killing it with the purple jumper and purple blouse. Such a role model.

Doug Stubbs says:

Check out “Schlock “ from the mid seventies, the first movie from Harold Ramos.

William R Warren Jr says:

Hey, isn't that little Martian girl Las Vegas entertainer Pia Zadora? Yup, yup it is.

James Allard says:

Highest praise for Forde's script and either Whistler's uncanny ability to get through it without breaking up or the editor that pieced it together around guffaws.

Mrs. Thomas says:

I actually liked Mac and Me when I was a kid.

bluerosegurl says:


Jim Anderson says:

Cult classic… Hands down The Kentucky Fried Movie… The Rex Kramer Danger Seeker scene.. LOLZ MUST WATCH!!?

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