PLANT-BASED Food Review: VEGAN Magnum Ice Cream & American Flatbread VEGAN HARVEST Pizza

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idylle♡doll says:

I realise I’m generally very healthy (I have no health issues whatsoever) and when I said I feel like shit, it’s relative as I’m used to being super active as a professional dancer who would dance for hours nearly every day. So since I’ve stopped dancing(which is my only workout cus I don’t do the gym), I’ve not felt 100% and for me and my own standards I feel like shit when I’m not super active and toned. I’ve not danced since Covid especially if I don’t eat enough vegetables and fruits so I have recently been more motivated to taking up the exercise bike and trying to dance on my own at home!!! I encourage veganism to all, it’s just you need to relearn how to substitute and prepare your meals to satisfy certain cravings. Meat is flavoured with vegan ingredients after all.

Mike A says:

I’ve been trying to go plant based and this looks soooo good!! 😍

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