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Here the method of preparation of the Egg Chickpea Flour Fried Crisps or Egg Pakoda a very easy ten minute snack recipe is given.
Break two eggs into a bowl. Put in salt to taste. Mix well. Add 50 to 75 gms of chickpea flour to this and mix . Add the pieces of one onion cut into tiny pieces to this and mix. Add the pieces of one kashmiri chili cut into pieces to this with pieces of 10 shallots. Mix well and add 25 gms of finely chopped ginger and 3 sprigs of chopped curry leaves to this and mix. Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes. Heat the pan and pour in 75 ml of oil. Let the oil get heated. Into the hot oil. Pour in a spoon of the mixture and let it cook for a minute on each side before turning. Let it cook until goldenbrown and take off the pan. Do this until the mixture is finished and serve the snack with the sauce of your choice.
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