What I Eat in a Day | Easy, Healthy Vegan Meals – Under $2 per serving

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We are sharing our first vegan what I eat in a day video! Check out what a normal day looks like for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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🌱 PBJ Overnight Oats : https://makeitdairyfree.com/vegan-peanut-butter-and-jelly-overnight-oats/

🌱 Chickpea & Tahini Stuffed Baked Potato: https://makeitdairyfree.com/chickpea-and-tahini-vegan-stuffed-baked-potatoes/

🌱 Crispy Tofu in Garlic Sauce over Rice with Broccoli : https://makeitdairyfree.com/vegan-crispy-tofu-in-garlic-sauce/

❌ Allergens: Instructions given in post to make each Top 8 Free

0:00 Breakfast
5:30 Lunch
11:25 Dinner

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Make It Dairy Free says:

Yall …all the produce is washed..we swear….calm down.

Natalie Ayala says:

I have never tried overnight oats, and did not have almond milk or other nondiary milk, never made almond milk from scratch, never eaten raw oatmeal. So I watch ur video and literally blended almonds w water and some dates dumped over raw oatmeal, added a dallop of peanut butter w some fresh blueberries on top and 😳 where has this been all my life? Its a bit pastey I think cuz rae oatmeal but its yummy like peanutbutter oatmeal cookie batter.

poppy crust says:

Eat the green bits from the strawberry. They have more vitamins than the actual strawberry.

Magical Kreatures says:

I eat at 6pm. By 8pm I'm starving again. 😫

Naturally Mila says:

sooooo are we not gonna talk about how beautiful the strawberries were.. I can never find them that good looking in my local store..

Tomara1372 says:

Hi 🙂 this is the first video I've watched by y'all, I loved it! I'll be subscribing and going through looking for ideas for meals. Thank you 🙂

Michelle Lindholm says:

What happened to the dessert, 😋🧡?

Gabriela Chirila says:

Just discovered your channel – lovely music, love the peace and calm, food ideas welcome although I am not vegan, I like to eat vegan some days of the week. You have a lovely kitchen!

De'Aisha Benison says:

Let us remember God in all we do!! God bless you all!!❤️

A Little Tea Of Wisdom says:

Your beard is amazing

Derl Karl says:

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Amira Ouji says:

Love, love love this video! Just became a subscriber, and a new fan of tofu.

SKJ says:

Y’all said under $2 per serving and pulled out strawberries and blueberries 😂😂 is that a joke? Not realistic at all

David says:

background of your video SO COOL!

Jake Fischer says:

This video is a whole-ass vibe. Bravo my friend. Jealous of that beard. Peace

Young RN says:

Baked potatoes with sautéed mushrooms and onions (seasoned only with salt and pepper) also hit!

Lisa says:

Love this type of video!!

letournesol Hubble says:

When I was an exchange student in Denmark, I learned to put instant oatmeal in a bowl, pour milk on it, eat. I love cold oats, not cooked. I eat it to this day. 😋💜

J L says:

Going through the trouble of eating such nice meals is great. Not sure how you could eat out the microwave though. Kinda defeats the purpose of eating healthy.

Felipe Barbosa says:

Dope 🤘🏼

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