Simple Plant Based Meals For Weight Loss / What A Healthy Vegan Mom Eats

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Hi everyone!! Welcome to my channel. My name is Taylor, also known as The Mommy Vegan! I am back today with another What I Eat In A Day for maximum vegan weight loss video! I share simple vegan oil free recipes / meals I eat as a healthy vegan that helped me lose 70 lbs in less than 7 months and how I keep it off. These easy meals will help you reach maximum weight loss on your journey and maintain your desired weight with a whole food plant based diet 🙂

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I have lost 70 lbs total since February of 2020 on a plant-based diet. In April of 2020, I started The Starch Solution and Mcdougall’s plan for Maximum Weight Loss. It is a high carb, low fat, no oil, whole food plant based diet. I lost 43 pounds from solely eating this way.

Weight Loss Transformation Timeline / Over 60 lbs LOST in 6 Months!

My Height: 5’8”
My Starting Weight In Feb: 191 lbs
My Current Weight: 120 lbs

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Rae B says:

Is there a discount for paperback if you already bought the digital …..? 🙂 I didn’t know paper was coming oiut or i would have waited. But I did buy the digital. Ps LOVE your channel

Laura Castillejos says:

The Mushrooms look delicious! Thanks for the video Taylor!

Donna Allison says:

I was doing the WFPB diet and now my doctor has told me I have to be on a low fiber diet because of gastroparesis now which has scared me to death that I'm not going to have healthy foods to eat

Summer Power says:

I can’t wait to try the sandwich, that looks amazing!!!

Shonda Knowlton says:

I made the tropical baked oatmeal! I topped with kiwi. So yummy.

Jannie Lea says:

Great video Taylor! I’ve pumped up my daily WFPB meals to 95%.
Thanks for great recipes and tips! Your IG pic is cute with A. Adorable dresses!

Linda C says:

Fabulous video Taylor! Thanks again💝💝💝

TaraMarieBarre says:

Great video !! Going to try them all . I love your lipstick in this video , would you mind sharing the color ?

Joe Smith says:

I am losing weight to get what my goal is a 29.5" waist, because when I went whole food plant based (WFPB), I lost weight far easier than any other method and decided to go for the gusto: 6 pack abs. I can lose 2.8 more pounds. The waist goal may not be met then so I will do recomposition, increasing muscle while losing fat, but maintaining or slowly increasing weight. Your plant oven casserole dish looks very good.

I make nice cream with cacao powder, a small amount, and water. I like it thicker. It's a treat I didn't eat for so long but I was missing something wonderful all that time. Plant based people can have foods that taste as good as the unhealthy foods I used to eat. It is a concept many standard diet eaters have trouble understanding. Our finding a method to communicate this concept effectively can prompt more people to try the switch.

sandra fernandes says:

Another great video. Will try the chickpea sandwich. Assume I should bring prepared ingredients to work then mash avocado. Assume this mixture can’t be kept for the next day right?

Anna Swanson says:

Yum! This all looks delicious 🤤

Star Gazer says:

You're the best, really appreciate you're encouragement and kindness!

Michelle's Weight Loss Journey says:

Awesome as always, Taylor! I'm definitely going to try the chickpeas salad! The pasta is also on my list for this week! Thank you! 🙏🏽🥰🥰

Laurie Waite says:

Nice meal suggestions, Taylor. You aren’t using garlic salt as much anymore. Why the change to garlic powder? Have a great week and I am glad your book is coming out in hard cover.💚

Starseed95 says:

Congratulations on your book Taylor! <3

Marta Martinez says:

Loved all three meals 🙌🙌

Diana R says:

It would be so nice to see what baby girl eats in a day too.

You Have A Good Point says:

Do u have any eggplant ideas? Thanks for the inspiring motivational talk … it’s so helpful. Mushroom note: I like to stab my mushrooms with a fork to help the marinade permeate the mushroom cap.
I like to make pasta and red sauce and sometimes I just put black beans on top. I find they taste very good with pasta. Sometimes I like a sausage type flavor so I make a tempeh sausage by crumbling tempeh and adding garlic sage marjoram red pepper flakes fennel seed and a hint of lemon juice and I spoon a little of that on top of spaghetti and it tastes like sausage.

Louisa Mochizuki says:

I’m going to try the chickpea/avocado smash 😊

Crystal Eylar says:

Yum, can’t wait to try the mushrooms on spaghetti. I love watching your videos on Sunday morning while eats my oatmeal. Thanks Taylor!

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