What I Eat in a Day // Vegan Shrimp + Black Bean Brownies

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black bean brownie recipe → https://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2012/09/06/no-flour-black-bean-brownies/


Vickie Gonzalez says:

Gonna have to listen to these songs on my way home today…love all of them!

Michael Leonard says:

These shoes are $350 – let’s get em

kathleen swenning says:

What a gorgeous powerful voice! Please keep singing and writing, you are so so talented!! A CD ! What about a dedicated singing video?! I love it when you sing but we only get small little moment usually in the car, you used to sing and play your guitar more when I first started watching your videos! No pressure just encouragement! Go Sarah Go! Go Sarah Go! ❤️

Amber Woods says:

I love when you sing you have such a beautiful voice 💜💜

Deborah A says:

I'm your neighbor in Denver. Love your channel! That salad looks amazing! Please tell me where did you buy the vegan shrimp? I looked for it at Hmart but no luck. Also where did you get the biscoff cookie butter? I want to give up sugar, but that would be a nice treat every once in a while.

Amanda Jean-Mary says:

I didn't like that burger. I usually love TJ products but not a fan of that burger at all. I loved your singing btw!

Rebecca Huber says:

“You can’t say hoes on my channel.” 🤣

Fawney Hart says:

These shoes are fierce ! Lol

Chloe Black says:

Omg I use to love the shoes video 😂. I remember my friend showed it to me when I was on the bus in like the 5th grade lol

sam "lostgirL" ripples says:

Also your voice is amazing!!

sam "lostgirL" ripples says:


Found your videos today and I love them all! I also live in CO. I'm so enjoying watching all of your amazing creations! Hope you're having a great day.

Julia Nunyabiz says:

You have a really good voice. You should sing more. Maybe even make videos dedicated to it. Js.

Becky Boncheveaux says:


this is literally all anyone said for a good chunk of 5th grade.
Memories 🙂

Aloha Jim says:

Start with the vegan shrimp and brownies then if I don't want to see the fluff I can move on. The title should have said, " Lots of chit chat, then if you can you can hold out long enough, vegan shrimp and brownies " I can't stand it when people misrepresent the content of the videos.

cornellius01 says:

product placement like a ninja, I'm getting me some jerky

Sasha Jimenez says:

Bbooooo don't talk pass on starving artists stereotypes please….I'm a single mom running a single income household and I still sucked it up and finished art school… there's no way I could have afforded it but I did it anyway because it was important to me… and guess what, GUESS WHAT, there was a effing recording studio at the art school I went to which I sat in alone night after night so grateful that I told myself to shut up and I took a chance…. yep amazing things can happen if you swallow the pill that says I can't make money with this because sometimes doing something for yourself means more than making money for yourself.<3

Pollie Fam says:

Highly disappointed in your Step Brothers knowledge! 🤣 watch iiiiiiit

sunflowerlove3 says:

I love you and your channel! Your videos are especially helpful to me bc you are the only vegan I follow that has similar taste as me aka: on the salty/savory side and not always insanely healthy! 🙂 thank you for being a creator

Jeanne Anne says:

There is something different about you. I haven't watched in a while but you seem so alive and happy. Rock on👍

Natural Vegan Mom says:

Would totally love a diy garden type video. I've got lettuce and carrots, radishes down pack. Little intimated to branch out. Project for next year. 💕

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