BEST EVER PIZZA WITH VEGAN MOZZARELLA | @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley

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Hey Guys, below are some amazon links to various ‘hard to get’ products etc, I used in this video.

Tapioca Starch –
My Blender –
Nutritional Yeast –
My Chef Knives –
Hoody from

This is the episode 8 from Season Three, the final episode from the series! VEGAN PIZZA’S!!! I made these vegan pizzas in an outdoor wood fired pizza oven, however they can be made just as well in a conventional oven set at 200 degrees C. You will learn how to make vegan pizza mozzarella, the tomato pizza sauce & the pizza bread base! I hope you enjoy the video & tag me in any vegan pizza pictures if you recreate. Thanks Gaz

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avantgardevegan says:

all my recipes are written here! 😎

Anne says:

That crunch when he bit into it 😍

AlabamaTree says:

Looks amazing mate 👌🏼 how long does the miso keep for?

Adam Meek says:

paddle PEEL.
wer's da stringi mozarella?

K J says:

This is making me so hungy, another great recipie gaz. Does this cheese taste like the foundu and bread recipie? beacuse its so simular and ive made that and it tastes so good !

MacMcgee says:

Just add pepperoni and sausage and bam it’ll be a pizza

Miracles Happen says:

Hey, there were 2 more pizza to go….

oscaval 1 says:

OMG !!! I'll do it now !!! Thanks !!! 😉

N- Matter says:

please invite me over on Sunday cookout 😀

Cristine Shaylo Marcelo says:

Mt fav Margherita Pizza Yum 😋🍕🧀

andromeda says:

you are the best!


You are amazing. The hardest thing to let go of when I became vegan was a tasty pizza. With with these amazing recipes. You know I can sustain the vegan diet for life.

AT T. says:

It looks very tasty, I am sure it is great. But unfortunately also really unhealthy.

journeybecomes lifestyle says:

i rather trade my house oven for that outside pizza oven. aaammmmaaazing

P A says:

🥰🥰🥰 thanks man. Wish I have that big kitchen so i can fit everything. But impossible living in Toronto with big apartment downtown

krbrleko says:

Are you sick man? Have you ever seen mozzarella? Not to mention taste one?

Nishka Shah says:

What can I use as a replacement for miso paste and can I use arrowroot powder instead of tapioca starch?

Jake michael Lerma says:

I’m inviting you to my farm resthouse in the Philippines , I’ll send you the picture and video’s

Jake michael Lerma says:

Hi idol your my best chief ever, love watching all your videos,

The Plantbased Kitchen says:

Gorgeous kitchen!

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